Created by Christopher Lund

While I Was Waiting v1.1

A single-level solo map for the Tempus Irae textureset. This was built because the author wanted to play with the set, and he's done a nice job of showing off the beauty of those textures. There's no plot... you simply have to get to the end. There are a few minor problems (mostly sticky polys), and gameplay has taken a backseat to eye candy... but all in all, a very playable level. Hard, but plenty of health canisters, and ammo. Structurally beautiful. Absolutely worth an adrenaline-packed chunk of your time.

Pseudonets v2.0

When I posted the first set of Pseudonets, I apporached them from a completely different angle. Pseudonets II are a set of maps used for practice levels, network levels and I found some of them to be good tutorials for construction ideas. The use of 5D space is ingenious. I stopped many times and switched to map mode to try to figure out how they were constructed. Some very large levels and some neat tricks with 5D. Check out the physics model that comes with the file. This author takes 2 to 3 textures with a level and with the use of 5D and some good construction ideas


A very good net pak with a new classification. Pseudonets-the start of a new Marathon slang, possibly?? 10 very good levels that range from medium to large. I personally enjoyed most of these and when you use the enclosed physics model, well, watch out because the Bobs mean business and they will.........I don't want to give all of this away. Another good pak-most of the levels have very good flow and this is another good collection for your carnage fests. Worth the download...

Endymio 1.2

A previous 3 level solo map. Now updated with the jugger flashes out. (Towards the end of the 2nd level there were flashes from juggers dying, they were in fact so bright that it was almost impossible to see. Honestly, I played with my sunglasses on) The net levels are now gone and some lighting effects have been added. Personally I liked some of the ideas with this map, the author stretches sight lines to the max, so in some cases it might get a little jerky, but I played through in low res...


A small solo level that one should not play if you have a headache. The author suggest's this in the readme and he is telling the truth. The entire level is made up of platforms that are constantly moving and you goal is to try to stay alive against the BoBs. BoB's is not what they seem thanks to the physics model that comes with this level. I doubt if this could be a net level, thus the solo tag. Two versions, one with a lower ceiling and a different hill, if that's what you want to call it.