Pseudonets v2.0

When I posted the first set of Pseudonets, I apporached them from a completely different angle. Pseudonets II are a set of maps used for practice levels, network levels and I found some of them to be good tutorials for construction ideas. The use of 5D space is ingenious. I stopped many times and switched to map mode to try to figure out how they were constructed. Some very large levels and some neat tricks with 5D. Check out the physics model that comes with the file. This author takes 2 to 3 textures with a level and with the use of 5D and some good construction ideas, shows what is possible. Some great levels and some great ideas. Get this pak!

Levels in map "Pseudonets II":
The Snakes of Hawaii
And the Light was Good
The dog wouldn´t eat it.
Stairway to Heaven -NOT!
You´re sitting in it now…
Alphabets for Dummies
Fast Car Flattens Cat
Dog eats frog
We Can Squish It For You Inc.