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Carnagey Hall

A medium sized rectangular level that despite the polygon effects is still pretty fast. A raised walkway around the edge and across the middle of the lowered carnage area provides for some high carnage totals. Again the author suggest using the "DASH" sounds patch along with the game.


A small solo level that one should not play if you have a headache. The author suggest's this in the readme and he is telling the truth. The entire level is made up of platforms that are constantly moving and you goal is to try to stay alive against the BoBs. BoB's is not what they seem thanks to the physics model that comes with this level. I doubt if this could be a net level, thus the solo tag. Two versions, one with a lower ceiling and a different hill, if that's what you want to call it.

Dash's Sound Patch

A very good sound patch that was made by the author to fit a dance type of net level. It also has some other techno sounds added to it.

Desperate Pfhor Net Play

Net levels of Marathon that you can play by yourself along with other net players. Well kind of?? A physics model and map comes with this file that will turn the bobs into "Psycho Killers". They are sheilded so be warned.

Niagarena Falls

A very large net level that has some neat tricks to it. A couple of water chutes (cannons), a couple of transporters and some very deep and big water areas. Just like the title suggests. No Flechette, the author did this on purpose so the level would play in Marathon 2 as well. You will have to go swimming to get the guns you need, and ammo.

Potato Ball

A good idea that seems to be the thing to do right now. A small arena complete with a audience (aliens) in the bleachers and with 2 blue s'pht as ticket takers. Sounds interesting, huh?? Those Potatoanus' are the balls and you job is to blast it into the opposing goal. You start in the locker area right next to the showers, then you progress by the concession stand and then into the arena. Pretty fun if this is your type of Marathon.


This is a cool map. A very big large net level that has a opening splash screen of "Let's Dance". From this point on you will be really inspired to start making maps. The visual design of this map is excellent and you will really feel like you are in a techno-club. You can try this one solo but even with eight it is going to take some patience. Along with the theme of the map the "dash" sound patch fits right in, and it fits very well. The whole map is built on a techno-rave dance club theme and the extras that you get are gr...

The Collective 1.3

A pretty good three level solo scenario. The first level will tax you and don't feel alone if you find yourself standing in the beginning room scratching your head. We've been there too. The second level has some good tricks in it. This update fixes a major smear when the "flood" happens. The third level is lava based. Save everywhere you can, you'll need it. Some tightness at times and some homogeneous textures in some areas, but not bad when you consider the tricks that are added into the second level. The pfhor fighters come in a different color-worth the download.

this update ad...

The Wishin' Well

A medium sized net level with some very good detail work. Four elevated towers (platforms) are your reward for going down into the well. EMFH would be best for this one. Some nice visual ideas. Check out the textures on the stairs.