Created by Alberto Bisaccia

Get In The Ring

The author says in the read me that this is a dumb map. I disagree! This is a 2 player small net level that is a mock up of a boxing ring. No ammo, no weapons and a host of fans in the audience. (hunters, security bob, regular bobs). Some very nice detail in the walls of the outside of the ring. The ring is only about 4 to 8 polys large and you must use your fists against your opponents. This is a great vid-master practice level. Maybe a novelty map, but, IMHO, this is a small net map that you can use to hone your skills.

Bowser Castle

This level is probably one of the neatest design's I have seen in a while. I took my time going through it, and finally decided that it was the 5D that made it so different. And, a 5D that is brilliantly disguised. A small hill that is surrounded by elevated lava pools. Access to the hill is via elevators. (this hill is tiny so be careful when firing the spnkr) Surrounded by 3 rings, one that surrounds the whole map which is bounded by landscape. The second one that is enclosed via windows to the hill. Some stairs and elevators give you a variety on this ring.

Everyone Says

A very large open air arena built on the lava texture set. Reminded me of a combination of Route 66, and Thunderdome. Due to the size and a couple of other parameters, this one ran slow at times. Still a good KoTH map. The hill is loaded with weapons and a recharge. Will support EMfH as well.

Moonlight Diner

A small net level built with the pfhor texture set. A hill surrounded by a lower ring. There are rings that elevate as they wrap around the middle square arena. Two transporters takes you to the hill...