Created by Dispatcher

Restored A1/Infinity Shuttle

A replacement for about a third of the infinity textures, using the M1 and M2 counterparts. An interesting effect... try it out and see. (Suggested for Aleph One, but works fine with Infinity ,as well)

Mare Ceti -SDL- 1.1

An Aleph One/SDL conversion of Mare Ceti v1.1. Converted by Craig Caroon.


A followup to Mare Ceti and an entry into the Nardo mapmaking contest, this is a beautiful level that gets a bit ambitious in its storyline. Eye candy all around... and one of the first maps I've seen to make use of the ultra-cool tool, Cinemascope. (Whoa, too many links in one description.) Get this: it won't take you that long to finish, but it's fun.

Cheat Detector v1.oh

An interesting demonstration of a technique that can (usually) weed out the cheaters from those that aren't using cheats in a given solo scenario. It doesn't always work, but it should work enough of the time that you (as a scenario maker) will get much less mail complaining about problems from people who only encounter those problems because they've cheated to a place they shouldn't be. (It was inspired by, to some degree, Jason Harper's Level Detector, and can be similarly used to control where a player goes based on his playing style.) Like others in this genre, most of the information ...

Mare Ceti v1.1

A very impressive solo level, with fanstastic puzzles, plenty of carnage, some way-cool tricks, and a storyline that ties in wonderfully to the original Tempus Irae story. It feels like an original TI level, although as far as I know, Dispatcher had nothing to do with the Nardo team. I'm pretty amazed with how much you can get into a single level, actually... Play this one, it's great. (I can't remember the last level I found myself leaning forward against my desk, fighting the current...) Update tweaks a few things for better gameplay, and adjusts map goals to allow finishing the level af...

Dispatch Map

Four map levels here; one solo, two net (sort of) and one novelty. This is from/is the original Dispatch scenario (#1) for solo play called Up Periscope. Pattern Buffer in a Net game? Next level (cmd/cntrl) opens to a Tau Cetu intro screen and it's a map you've seen but now called Speed Bump, amount of ammo suggests net play. Level three (cmd/cntrl) is Bob's Screen Saver, just let it run, don't play. Pretty amusing. Up Periscope (4) is a shortened version of longer Up Periscope, but in water medium with Troopers & PB

Elevation Preset Templates

A pretty intriguing idea-all elevations, from -8 WU to 8 WU in 1/8 WU increments have been already specified in the 128 polys already existing in these maps. (There are 5 maps-1 for each texture set.) If you can live with the limitation of 896 polys per level instead of 1024, you can use these as starting points for your own levels, and you'll find you don't need to define elevation levels for each altered poly. Pretty cool... The readme describes a few potential problems (nothing major), and workarounds for these. If you're building levels that don't need really bizarre elevations, these...

Basic Missions

Basically what you have here are 7 levels that describe, "visually" , what the different types of levels are in Forge. Everything from Extermination to Repair, Rescue, etc.. A couple of unsed modes are discussed and addressed in these levels. A great visual tool for those wanting to learn mapmaking. Thanks to this author for taking the time to help others.

Objects of the Game

A level that in turn allows you to view the different objects that correspond with the pull downs in Forge. But, in turn it turned into a 3 level map that really is pretty good. Check this out and make sure to email the author to let him know that his efforts DO help. Especially if you are a beginning mapmaker.

Audio Levels 2.0

A update of a great mapmaking assistant. These levels give you the sounds that go along with the pull downs in Pfhorte and Forge. This update now adds platforms and ambient and random sounds.