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Sports Maps v1.0

All types of sports are included in this map pak. You can play soccer again, pool, pinball and even bowling. The bowling and the pinball maps were the most amuzing and interesting. Some old tricks and some new ones. Seven levels in all.

The Big Game 1.0

More of a non participatory map. You open up rooms that connected off of a main arena, and watch a bunch of baddies go at it. Some of the read me sounded awful familiar.....kind of fun if this is your type of game


A small solo level that one should not play if you have a headache. The author suggest's this in the readme and he is telling the truth. The entire level is made up of platforms that are constantly moving and you goal is to try to stay alive against the BoBs. BoB's is not what they seem thanks to the physics model that comes with this level. I doubt if this could be a net level, thus the solo tag. Two versions, one with a lower ceiling and a different hill, if that's what you want to call it.

The Collective 1.3

A pretty good three level solo scenario. The first level will tax you and don't feel alone if you find yourself standing in the beginning room scratching your head. We've been there too. The second level has some good tricks in it. This update fixes a major smear when the "flood" happens. The third level is lava based. Save everywhere you can, you'll need it. Some tightness at times and some homogeneous textures in some areas, but not bad when you consider the tricks that are added into the second level. The pfhor fighters come in a different color-worth the download.

this update ad...

Dead Meat Walking

A single level solo map that is quite linear at times, or at least it felt that way. This author is off to a good start here, some very large rooms with alot of space for more detail maybe in the future. (hint) Check everything at the very beginning, there is a way out. Some monsters needed different tags, they were great target practice though.

Demise of the Enterprise

A solo level that is laid out with teleporters. Four different areas that you must explore and then when finished you teleport back to the original room to teleport to the next area. You are urged to help contain a virus on board the enterprise. A pretty fast one level solo adventure, nothing really detailed here but some good target practice with the BoBs.

Beta Molorok

A solo level that is based on the lava texture set. Some very good lighting effects along with some pretty neat tricks. Aliens are triggered weird at times, maybe a few tags need to be changed. Be careful, the first platform you start in doesn't have a ledge.

Remember the Marathon

A short one level solo map with some good construction. It is media heavy but some different texture choices...the author requests emails so please help the author in that area.. A LOT of baddies and some of them don't appear as hostile as they have been in the past.

Take This!

A 8 level solo map that has some very good lighting effects. There are some texture alignment problems and a lot of bad guys to kill. You will need all that ammo the author gives you to finish this thing. Some of the aliens needs to be retagged, I was able to run right by them. If you are on a 68K machine you might need the IZD.

Endymio 1.2

A previous 3 level solo map. Now updated with the jugger flashes out. (Towards the end of the 2nd level there were flashes from juggers dying, they were in fact so bright that it was almost impossible to see. Honestly, I played with my sunglasses on) The net levels are now gone and some lighting effects have been added. Personally I liked some of the ideas with this map, the author stretches sight lines to the max, so in some cases it might get a little jerky, but I played through in low res...