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Armed Robbery

A straightforward Infinity scenario, NOT! The author has a few tricks up his sleeve. Pick up the chips & insert, wha? where? A 4 level scenario that will keep you backtracking & wondering where to go next. It may be difficult to get to the next level here, you know how Durandal is . . . Pattern Buffers are strategically placed as are weapons. A good effort by the author, let's hope heís busy creating more maps, using diverse textures and will continue to create Infinity projects. What were those two F'lickta up to by the way, hummmm, looked naughty.

At the Heart of It all 1.0.2

A single level solo exercise that has a few interesting & potentially good points. The story (Durandal speaks!) is interesting. Would like to see what this Map Maker could do if allowed some time to fiddle. Some problems with those damn Apes that just explode & explode & explode. Hasn't anybody figured this out yet?

Beneath the Howling Stars v1.1

A two level solo map that really is just one with the first one being an ammo cache. This thing uses very few textures and IMO was constructed like a "maze". There were some nice tricks thrown in here and there. Although you will probably end up running with your map mode on, you will need to slow down so that you don't get wiped out in the "mini battles".

City and Neo

Neo: Good Map, good game play, progresses, nice placement of ammo & you'll need it. One could wish for another Pattern Buffer (or two!). The lighting here is done quite well. Would like to see what this Map Maker could do with a more complex story, although the story is quite up to par as is. The Read Me states this Map's unfinished, dunno know. Try it, it's worth the money.


Well this one will drive you crazy, keep that mojo going, frustrate you, excite you, make you curse the author, praise the author. More fun than a barrel of whacked out monkeys. Term picts are gorgeous, as is layout. A really great map maker. The Read Me alone is worth the download with its referrals to secrets etc. There are some problems in this 5 level game, mostly too tight, dead ends (although author says no) & too many Compilers that can't be annihilated in levels 2-3. Get caught between one of 'em and a wall and sayonara. Save often.

Hostile Takeover final version

Well, here's someone to keep track of! Concept of "Corporate America" in Space as Terminals speak of/depict our typical screwed-up, downsized, can't get it today, it's out-of-order and on and on Company. Laughed so hard this description writer almost fell off the chair! Thank goodness for some very good humor and an excellent and very much fun to play scenario. Ten levels with the last, well, you'll see! Mr. Simciak tells us he took two years to complete and the preciseness and attention to detail shows it.

Labyrinth Ch.2;Not Doing Well 2

A v2 to the first Labyrinth Map here on the Archives. The Japanese artwork is gorgeous. Of course Mr. Yasuda lives there! Normally when we see Labyrinth we run screaming for the airlock! And, a labyrinth and a Vacuum level, how cool is that! A three level scenario with the first being an information/transport level. When you get to the real deal & bring up the Map, if you don't gasp in awe at the complexity you're not grasping the situation here! But surprise surprise . . . this baby moves right along, plenty of air.

Last of the Humans Part III

Well, how'd he do dat? This Scenario will eat up the better part of an afternoon and then some. It goes on and on and one just can't give up! The author certainly has a way with map making. As this is only one level it's hard to believe, it is such a gigantic area, could have been broken down to several levels. But you will return here, return there, and keep going. A real challenge from Mr. Murphy. Good Job! Very playable, but oh those damn little drones, couldn't you just kill them??!!

Let's Swim in the Pool v1.2

What a Map Maker this fellow is! We're still in somewhat of a Labyrinth mode, not too much though. The changes in textures and structures from very tall edifices to sewage swims to lava jumps is quite extraordinary, very well thought out. This scenario will keep you moving, decimating aliens and looking for a couple of very elusive chips. Switches galore! And they all function (in their time) to open this Map for your "solve the puzzle" pleasure. The story is middle-of-the-road but fits the scenario.

Marathon: Assault

Read Me states two maps that have been lying around on the author's hard drive a long time. Author says there's a lot of bugs, smearing, and the story is incoherent. There are not two maps in fact, but one (and a minor transport), maybe to a semi-second level. Crashed the old Mac towards the end. We will have to stick with the author's assessment.