Created by Rudi Bloks

The Alderian Connection -SDL-

An Aleph One/SDL conversion of The Alderian Connection 1.1. Converted by Randall J. Currie.


Well this one will drive you crazy, keep that mojo going, frustrate you, excite you, make you curse the author, praise the author. More fun than a barrel of whacked out monkeys. Term picts are gorgeous, as is layout. A really great map maker. The Read Me alone is worth the download with its referrals to secrets etc. There are some problems in this 5 level game, mostly too tight, dead ends (although author says no) & too many Compilers that can't be annihilated in levels 2-3. Get caught between one of 'em and a wall and sayonara. Save often.

Conquest of K'Yandra Station

A single-level solo scenario. This puppy is hard. Extensive use of force-fields... pretty nicely done, overall. Don't try to blast your way through... you'll only end up dead. Look around, think about what you're doing, and above all, read the readme-it'll keep you alive more than 2 minutes. Definitely worth a look.

Dances with Drones

Very difficult, pretty convoluted... but well-built, and with an interesting storyline. You'll die a lot, but it'll be worth it in the end-you'll be stronger for it.

The Alderian Connection 1.1

A large 5 level solo adventure that are quite large. All of the maps are large compared to most and they have enough sprites in them that they will keep you busy for some time.