Well this one will drive you crazy, keep that mojo going, frustrate you, excite you, make you curse the author, praise the author. More fun than a barrel of whacked out monkeys. Term picts are gorgeous, as is layout. A really great map maker. The Read Me alone is worth the download with its referrals to secrets etc. There are some problems in this 5 level game, mostly too tight, dead ends (although author says no) & too many Compilers that can't be annihilated in levels 2-3. Get caught between one of 'em and a wall and sayonara. Save often. But that too is tuff, not that many Pattern Buffers first three levels. Your mission on the last two levels is a prison setting, or two really. Release the friendly prisoners. You believe that? How come they . . . well you'll see. How do you feel about no shields. This scenario was a lot of fun, frustrating, but worthy of your attention. Download it Now!

Levels in map "Dreadmore":
Choose Wisely
Dreadmore Asylum
Death row service
The truth is in here
good bob - bad bob