The Alderian Connection 1.1

A large 5 level solo adventure that are quite large. All of the maps are large compared to most and they have enough sprites in them that they will keep you busy for some time. I got through on Normal, but it took some time. You will need to explore EVERY area, backtrack some of your steps and flip all the switches. These levels are hard, but not unplayable. The story line makes sense along with some good art work. These were made with Pfhorte and then merged with Forge. Worth the download and definitely worth your time. Some neat tricks and some great construction.

Now updated. This update fixes a few bugs and adds a few monster triggers. Also cleans up a smear or two.

Levels in map "The Alderian Connection":
We come in peace - really
Water Wonder Land
Some like it hot
Free Aliens - While supplies last
The biggest gun wins