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Culture Shock 0.1

A 4 level solo map, really 2 levels that describe where you are and what your mission is, the other two are pretty large. The author went to some detail on the read me's so don't fly past them. A couple of smears on elevators and some neat puzzles to figure out. Visually, pretty well done. This guy likes drones and he also puts jugger's in places that you wouldn't expect. (check the screenshot out)


A very good solo level that will try your patience. From the very first puzzle you can tell that this thing is going to take strategy to get through. A vacuum level on a ship, you fish your way through fusion bobs (these guys are pretty deadly), compliers and not to mention sewage and the constant need for air. Run back and forth, seems to be the case here, but I sure didn't get bored and didn't mind running. A good download with some great ideas and construction efforts. The beginning central shaft is worth the download.

The Ups and Downs of Elevator Repair 1.0.4

A solo map with a brand new idea along with some intriguing puzzles. Some very good construction on some of the levels. Basically you enter on a central area core shaft that will take you to the various levels (floors) on this map. (that you must repair) You must reach the goal of each floor and then access to the next floor will open. Some of the levels have long and sprawling hallways, but, they are done with some real taste at times. The level with the transport puzzle is the only one I didn't care for. (personal taste here) This map should challenge you.


This is a runner up qualifier in the Marathon Map Making Competition for the Best Single Player category. The story line pick's up from the Robert Blake time line from M-2. You are on a trek to retrieve a chip and repair.

Slice Me Nice

A very large solo map that has some pretty cool tricks in it. Your job is to release the BoB's that are being held captive. Great detail with light sets, construction and with flow. The way the BoB's finally get released is cool.

The Devil's Workshop

A single level solo map that will make a grenade hopper out of you if your not already. I had to go through this one many times before I finally found the end. Search every corner on this map, the author has put in some rewards if you search hard enough. A interesting story line where you are a general that has been sent to a planet to investigate why a scientist has disappeared. Flow is interrupted with transporters and terminal transporting. This was the biggest obstacle I found with this map. It really takes you through some great ideas and then you flip a switch and transport.

Coop Coliseum

3-level solo scenario, designed to be played cooperatively. The level design could be a little more interesting, but it'll keep you busy.

Operation Boombastic

A single level solo map. This map, in a different sort of way, could be played and reviewed as a mapmakers beginner type of map. Grant it, some of the texture choices aren't the best in the world, but, the construction of the water area and the stairs was very good. Sounds were at a minimum, not a whole lot of different light sets, but still a playable map. It is hard to get through due to object placement, but you get just enough ammo and just the right amount of space to maneuver in. This one took some time just on normal, although it is a short episode. Not a bad first map...

Anybody's Son Will Do

A three level solo adventrure, well, really just one. The first one is a introdutory level and the third one is a bonus net level. This map is hard just because of the regeneration rates. Don't try to kill everything, they will just keep coming back. Texture alignment problems along with flow being obsturcted but some ideas I haven't seen before. I ran by one door to a upper level at least 8 times before I saw it. (map mode, duh!)

Die Hard 1.2

A single level solo map with a built in physics model. The bobs are changed and you better make sure that you stock up before you do battle with them. The story line is pretty good and it makes sense with the bobs being so radical. Construction is good but the homogeneous texture choices really gets to be a little too much. Flow is ok, but you will need to find the chip insertion places. I found it no problem to find where the chips where, it was just where to place them. Worth you download for sure, take your time and watch out!!