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Coop Coliseum

3-level solo scenario, designed to be played cooperatively. The level design could be a little more interesting, but it'll keep you busy.

Hell Hole v1.4

Be advised that this version sucks. You have sticky polys, bouncy polys and so many sprites the monsters you are fighting just disappear while still raining death down upon you. Download V1.4 to see what NOT to do as a mapmaker, download V1.5 if you want to acutally play it.

Justifiable Hypocrisy

Another large net map from the mapmaker that puts these things out faster than I can get them up. A center hill area, (sort of), where the hill is the second floor. The third floor allows access to the ring, that kind of goes around the hill. This, IMO, is the fastest net map the author has make yet. Some pretty cool light sets and his construction design is NEVER along the normal arena, wrap around ring concept. Some lower hallways that are perfect for those that like to hang out and wait for other Marines to blow away. All types of net modes supported and will hold up to 8.

Operation Boombastic

A single level solo map. This map, in a different sort of way, could be played and reviewed as a mapmakers beginner type of map. Grant it, some of the texture choices aren't the best in the world, but, the construction of the water area and the stairs was very good. Sounds were at a minimum, not a whole lot of different light sets, but still a playable map. It is hard to get through due to object placement, but you get just enough ammo and just the right amount of space to maneuver in. This one took some time just on normal, although it is a short episode. Not a bad first map...