Created by Gary Simmons

Bastard Child v1.0

Originally released with Hell Hole, this map is a simpler, faster version of that legendary practice level. Straight forward carnage... keep killing till you're dead.

The Battle Cat's World Tour v1.1

7 maps, spanning the length and breadth of the world during world war II. Okay, not really. Just 7 maps, all tweaked for pretty nice carnage rates, with great attention to detail and superb flow. Plays solo or net.

D-Day V1.1

The D-Day scenario is the long awaited prequel to Bungie's early game, "Pathways Into Darkness", connecting that game with the universe of Marathon. In D-Day you will witness your own birth as the very first prototype Mjolnir Mark IV Cyborg - the Marathon Marine incarnate. And yes... prepare to meet your maker! 12 solo levels, 1 net map.

Hell Hole 1.5

2 seperate levels straight from the spidery twisted mind of the Battle Cat. Level 1 plays practice solo against aliens. Level 2 plays net against humans. Each level optimized for each style game play. Hell Hole is the original "bot" style practice level designed to train you in melee fighting. It never ever stops till your spleen squirts out your ear. Includes Bastard Child and the famous "read me or hork in your helmet" readme.

Hell Hole v1.4

Be advised that this version sucks. You have sticky polys, bouncy polys and so many sprites the monsters you are fighting just disappear while still raining death down upon you. Download V1.4 to see what NOT to do as a mapmaker, download V1.5 if you want to acutally play it.