The Battle Cat's World Tour v1.1

Did someone say "murder, mayhem and destruction"? No? Then I just did. Pull up a chair and immerse yourself in a little history and a lot of carnage. These maps reflect, very extremely extra loosely or totally no way not at all,   famous battles of World War II. Some history quotes are from Compton's Encyclopedia (1986 ed.), vol. 25, some of it from the Internet and some of it is just me blowing it out my hinney.

This is a painless 312K download. Although this is a map designed for network play, Version 1.1 adds the ability to play solo against computer net opponents. Use it just to have fun, or if you are sinister like me, practice your timing and distances etc and memorize weapons, ammo and powerup locations in each level and then steamroller your friends later in those same levels during net play. This NetPak is for Marathon Infinity and uses the standard shapes file.

Introducing... *drum roll* the Battle Cat's split poly technology *cymbal crash*. The "3 texture on one wall" barrier has been broken! Now you may not only stack polys up like hot cakes, you can put them on never before possible places. Over or under doors or entrance ways, on bridges, on walls not connected to the ceiling, on platforms or doors, even have multiple textures on walls with normal windows. Look for   these "tricks" in this map pack. Not actually tricks, this is the real thing, a variation of the split poly, only putting multiple split polys on a single line, up to 9 high on one wall in "Arnhem Bridge". But many many more are easily possible. For the biggest eyeful of this technology check out "Nagasaki". This is where I discovered the technique and sort of went wild with it. An impossible thing in every room.
Anzio - EMFH, KOTH, KTMWTB. This was made for at least 4 players. The hill is between the platform and the window, between the two elevated perches.
Arnhem Bridge - EMFH, KOTH, KTMWTB. Split polys on a bridge? Impossible. Lighting effects going DOWN a wall? Impossible. Or... maybe not.
Berlin - EMFH, KOTH, KTMWTB, CO-OP. Basically this is the "Little Beirut" section of the "Plutonic Relationships" level of D-Day V1.1 with some enhancements for net play. This is a very large net map meant to support 8 players. The hill is in the center of the street. All starting points are by weapon stashes, run down stairs to gather ammo for the particular weapons you found upstairs. Try playing this in teams with a lot of people. Defend your turf or go door to door taking the city WWII style. This is a good map to play team KTMWTB. Tri-teleporters work like this: teleporter to your right will take you from building to building clockwise, teleporter to the left will take you from building to building counter clockwise, center teleporter will take you outside the buildings. Form your raiding parties, bind your legs and arms and scream while teleporting. It unnerves you victims.
Nagasaki - EMFH, KOTH, KTMWTB. This is where I discovered the new technology. I went nuts with it and put something impossible in every room. I rather overused it but I was so blown away when I first found it. This is designed for up to 8 players. The hill is in the center of the central room. Again all guns are found grouped together. Each room has a different major weapon in it. The SPNKR room is a SPNKR arena, shotguns are in a dark room where limited vision is compensated by the wide dispersal of shot etc. Rumor has it that while you fight your petty fight the Americans are on their way with a secret weapon. Be the first one on your block to become a "permanent sidewalk shadow"!
Ox Snard - EMFH, KOTH, KTMWTB. This is the only American city in the NetPak I PROMISE! No more American cities. Never again! This is it. Not even one more. You have my solemn word on this. This should play 4-5 people OK. This needs some directions to operate. All weapons are found with their ammo in discrete places. Everybody starts down stairs near some heavy weapon and ammo. The draw to the upstairs is the hill and a power up. A teleport in the Assault rifle room will take you up to a room you can quietly teleport into, take the elevator up and you are overlooking the hill, the small platform under the flickering light thingy. The teleport in the lava pit room will take you up to the power up ledge overlooking the hill. The western switch will briefly raise the lava in the lava pit. Good for flushing out people who like to stay in the dark shotgun room and the teleport platform area. The eastern switch is weapons only and it operates a crushing platform protecting the red power up. To get rockets you have to jump into the lava pit. The rockets are on the platforms, the platforms are tuned to bring you back up without lava damage if you do it right. Run off one platform side towards the other platform side. You are caught and come up with rockets.
The Bulge - EMFH, KOTH, KTMWTB. Straight forward carnage in a small arena. Bring your own bandaids. Check out the window room. That ain't possible! The platform there has split polys too!
Thom's Trailer - EMFH. Here is another American city map. OK... so I lied. Get a grip. Clinton does it every day. This city is actually just outside the city limits of San Antonio Texas. This is a two player novelty map. The only thing to slow you down are the tornadoes that seem to plague the trailer park Thom lives in. The crushing death (tornado) is to put the field on an even footing about once every minute. With the close proximity, lack of cover and the ability of a player to suck up most of the ammo this is needed for more than just a gag. How can you have a trailer with out some dogs fighting in the yard? After firing a shot, look out the window. Make sure you have ALIENS TURNED ON. I thought this one up when Thom (one of my beta testers) was complaining about Ox Snard being too big and not enough shotgun ammo. I thought, "OK butt wipe, I guess you are used to shotgun fights in your trailer". The rest is history.

Levels in map "World Tour NetPak V1.1":
Arnhem Bridge
Ox Snard
The Bulge
Thom's Trailer