D-Day V1.1

The year is 1944. The day is June 6TH, D-Day. The world has been torn apart for a decade in a terrible struggle of good against evil. After many years of desperate bloodshed there now appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Allied forces have grouped together as the Allied Expeditionary Force under General Dwight D. Eisenhower for a major push into the Axis held French lands of Normandy. The race to beat the Nazi scientists to the atomic bomb is almost at hand. However there is another threat against humanity.   It has been learned that a new and terrible weapon was recently developed. A weapon that, if left in enemy hands, will turn the tide of the war in favor of the German war machine. Atomic fusion has been developed by the Nazis in the form of a plasma pistol in a small laboratory in Cherbourg, Normandy. The secrets of this device must be stolen by you and utilized by the Allied nations before the Axis powers can develop a fusion style "hydrogen bomb" based on the scientific principles behind this new and awesome weapon.


The D-Day scenario is the long awaited prequel to Bungie's early game, "Pathways Into Darkness", connecting that game with the universe of Marathon. In D-Day you will witness your own birth as the very first prototype Mjolnir Mark IV Cyborg - the Marathon Marine incarnate. And yes... prepare to meet your maker! 12 solo levels, 1 net map.

No physics models are used to pump up aliens to undefeatable strength, or make flying Hunters shoot flaming, screaming

  BOBs that stick like napalm to babies. Just straight-from-the-can classic Marathon fun. All difficult puzzles are "on the side," so you do not need to solve them to proceed (automap and terms give lots of clues), one even hurries you on your way. All rooms can be entered (except the airplane levels), all ammo stashes and power-ups can be had. There are no insolvable teasers in D-Day. Can you reach the secret terminal?

Levels in map "D-Day V1.1":
You're aboard an airplane stupid!
Pink Fuzzy Bunnies
Steempy, you EEDIOT!
That's not a barf bag, that's my LUNCH!
Gristle, Gore and Spew
Metal Monkey
The Holodeck
Real Men Don't Wait For No Damn RedAlert
Fruit Flies Like a Banana
Plutonic Relationships
No Free Rides
Hell Hole Net