Created by Mattias Holm

Moonbase 11c

A new update of a previously posted map at the HA. This solo map now consists of 4 levels. Make sure that your explore all areas of the thrid level, you will be able to teleport out before examing all the rooms. The fourth level was hard to understand, but, I would presume that the author speaks of it in the terminals. The story line is good along with the some good art, watch out for the troopers.

Die Hard 1.2

A single level solo map with a built in physics model. The bobs are changed and you better make sure that you stock up before you do battle with them. The story line is pretty good and it makes sense with the bobs being so radical. Construction is good but the homogeneous texture choices really gets to be a little too much. Flow is ok, but you will need to find the chip insertion places. I found it no problem to find where the chips where, it was just where to place them. Worth you download for sure, take your time and watch out!!