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Marathon Art Guide

From the creator of Trojan comes this collection of tips, hints, and step-by-step instructions on how to create new art (sprites, not chapter art) for the Marathon series. Most of the work was done with M1, but the information is perfectly appropriate for use with Anvil. All documents are in Simpletext format, except for the Photoshop color tables and the like... If you're trying to create new monsters or weapons for Marathon, you'll find information of use to you here.

You Don't Need To See My ID v0.3

A port of M1's You Don't Need To See My ID. A few glitches (missing texture in the center room, no lighting to speak of), but playable.

Castle Freakula

A castle. Big, with lots of open spaces. There's a nice little spanker ammo cache in what looks like a theater...

Infinity Suicide v4.0

Five levels, some ported from M2 suicides, some brand new. All quite playable (except maybe Kevorkian's Rooms, which will give you a horrible headache). Deadly Ledges is very nice for extremely high-carnage games.

Mr. Bathtub

A very large bathtub, complete with faucet, drain, and shower equipment. Mostly underwater (as expected, I suppose...).

Off He Goes

A nice little four-room level... sort of a space station, only with daytime landscape textures. Teleporters decrease the linearity brought on by the geometry.

Over Hill and Dale

A very large, up-and-down level (the name is apt), with a small central killing space. Teleporters will dump you into nice little sniper nooks... one secret, explained by the single term.

SeweRAT's Wild Ride-Infinity

An M2 level, updated with SMGs and a hidden term. For those who haven't seen it, movement is controlled by sewage-you can change direction, but forward motion is out of your hands. Takes some getting used to, but it plays pretty well.

Catwalk Carnage

A tall central arena, with catwalks leading to the hill. These can be lowered with switches on the hill, but they're also player-triggered... so you're not particularly safe there. Passageways around the outside contain weapons and ammo... and small hopscotch courses through lava pools (easy to do when you're concentrating, a bit harder with someone shooting at you).


A very high-quality solo scenario (single-level). Great lighting, nice monster placement, and decent puzzles. (A bit linear-since every switch you throw opens a door somewhere else-but not at all predictable.) Fantastic use of lava F'licktas, which I hate, normally. If you get stuck, look very carefully through windows, wall openings, cracks... you might just see a switch or breakable panel.

Pit of Despair v2.0

A pretty cool arena level. A port (with major changes) of the M2 map. This might be best played in teams... there's a large central arena, with a pit in the center. Lots of big weapons there, but switches on the outside rim lowers the pit and dumps the trapped player in small crusher cells. Escape is possible, but the door is slow... which is why tag teams would be nice. I

Agitation Arena

A big open-air arena, with enclosed killing rooms containing teleporters to sniper ledges. Simple, sweet, lots of ammo...

Circular Synapse v0.61

A well-built 5D map that's seriously confusing until you get the hang of it... and then carnage gets absurd. Don't stay on the hill for too long... it's very, very dangerous. Nice use of the portals concept. Update darkens up the outside stairways, and reshapes the portals. Overall, this is a very playable map.

Columns v1.1

Takes its inspiration from a classic M1 map (Pillars). Simple, clean, and small enough to be carnage-filled. Can actually be played in both M2 and Infinity (although I think I like the textures better in Infinity, for this one). One secret, but it's only a little one... mostly this is just a great place to kill people. Update fixes an untextured side and adds some sounds and minor tweaks.


A very nice bilaterally symmetrical open-air arena. Flow is great, with plenty of avenues to the various sniping ledges. Fun lighting, and a cool little term.

High School Brawl

A bunch of small rooms (classrooms, I suppose) leading to a larger (auditorium?) arena. The readme talks about separate map and physics files, but I've merged them... watch the hunter.

Infinity Suicide v3.0

8 levels, mostly ports from M1 suicides (mods of Bungie M1 maps), but including Electric Sheep 2 from Infinity. Some of the texture choices hurt my eyes, but as usual, layout is great, and carnage is high. Warning-there seems to be a bunch of untextured sides (shows up as smearing). Not fatal, but...


A small arena with a prison motif. Explodabobs in sealable cells (although there are goodies in there with them), and troopers as guards on the outside walls... a central hill with access from any side, or from below. Comes in two versions: one Infinity-only, one that's also M2 compatible. (The textures are the same on both, and look far better in the Infinity version.)

Land or Sea

A large level, with big open rooms joined by hallways of various widths. A large underwater area, as well... Flow is not as good as it could be, mostly because elevators are a primary mode of transportation, but they all move really slowly. Getting out of the room with the recharger, for example, is a pretty painful experience... Ammo is very scarce, for games of more than two or three people.