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Hunter Chase 1.1

You are on a mission against a number of new and deadly pfhor prototypes. You have to clear out a old underground mining station and get back up to the top alive and in one piece. Well, I have to admit the film is on easy mode due to the embedded physics model and some doors that have delays. There are hunters in this one that I found myself just trying to keep away from, thus the name of the level. Some wild textures at times but some great mole tunnel caverns that I really liked. Watch out for the dead ends. The author states that this is the first in a series of maps.

Pfhors House 1.0

A small solo level filled with beautiful lighting techniques and good use of sound, which set the mood for some good , fun carnage. There are plenty of baddies to keep you busy, and a few traps to keep[ you thinking. Although I usually don't favor "death traps", this level is small enough that you don't mind having to start again. A little bit of 5-D space, nice orginal terms, and challenging alien placement make this German import a winner.

Niagara Falls

Probably one of the biggest if not the biggest map I have seen in a while. It is not giant as far as space is concerned but in vertical form; it is one of the tallest I have played. Ingenious idea of using media to allow for long views without smearing. The concept of media/water with space was really interesting. A very unusual map!

Skin of Your Teeth 1.0

A five level follow up to the Osterburg Adventure. This one IMO is much better. Careful attention has been placed to lighting details and flow. Although I found myself wondering why I was taking certain routes, it still proved interesting enough to make me keep coming back for more. Lots of baddies and a unique shapes patcher that allows for some other "Marathon visited times" to stir your memory. A few bugs in this one, but worth the adventure. Some texture problems here and there but, fairly well done. Keep going back to check for things that have changed if you get stuck.

Sic Friat Crustulum

Tony Smith has done it again. "Sic Friat Crustulum" is the fourth installment of the continuing "Origin of Species" series. Unbelievably creative use of textures, with very believable lighting effects. I've always loved the way he rations ammo, and places it where you 'll need it most. If you see fusion cells, your bound to see a cyborg. No traps, unless you decide to take a dip in the lava. Beautiful terms make the continuing story starts to gel. Hats Off!

Devil in a Blue Dress 2.2

A full-blown port of the M1 scenario, Devil in a Blue Dress. I won't hype this too much, since it's my baby, but it contains 21 solo levels (painstakingly debugged), almost 7 megabytes of original artwork, and 2 megabytes of original sounds. If you've played the original, you'll find all-new puzzles, secrets, and enhancements. If you haven't, this should keep you busy for almost as long as Bungie's M2 scenario.

Because of it's extreme size, it's also available in floppy-sized chunks.

Assorted Walls

What it sounds like. Comes with replacement textures for three texturesets. (Some textures are used in more than one set.) Generally an interesting collection...

Carnage v2.0

A small, and I mean small stair/plaform type arena. There is some texture smearing on this one that you can see in the film. I think the biggest reason for this is the large number of polys. If you fall into one of the water pools, well, your history. The top ones I know have some cool things in them but everytime I stopped to check I got wiped out!! Textures are cool, except in the upper stairway I got lost many times. Map consturction is good, would probably hold a max number of 4 players, and this might be pushing it. Update takes out the "stuck-o-pools". You now transport to another poly.

Death From Above Mark II

A very good map, construction is very linear and very well done. Everything is laid out in a east to west type of line and this one, although it might be small in ploy count, can hold up to 6 easy. I really enjoyed playing this map. There are two secrets, well three if your counting and there is great recharge area that can be guarded. Out of all we played tonight I played this one the longest--lacks sounds but has some great lighting sets. You can stand in the dark and the other players can't see you. One fish eye chip enhancement, other than that pretty straight forward. Great map.

Olaf Fub 1.2

Four levels, although two are transition/informational. Some really cool tricks, and very high-quality map construction... but I had trouble getting into a level that's 50% underwater. Other than that one gripe, though... there is some really cool stuff here. Definitely worth the download.

Forge/Anvil Patchers v1.0.2

This is Bungies update to their great editors, Forge and Anvil. The Anvil updater adds a import and export feature that is great. If you are using Anvil to add palettes or the like-I strongly suggest you use this version. For sounds, use the 1.0.3 version.

Gumby Patch v1.01

Turns BoBs into light blue (or light grey) Gumby dolls. Pretty high quality, and the death sprites are entertaining. Anvil v1.0.2 or higher is required for installation.

Juggernaut Patch

Turns Jugs into "Hollywood Art Directors". The face was captured with a camcorder, so it's a bit pixellated... but It is pretty fun to blast him, though...

New Bob Deaths

Supposedly it makes the bobs die with more blood and stuff. More gore-but I couldn't tell the difference to be honest about it.


Converts Macintosh M2 maps into Windows 95 M2 maps. Runs on a mac only.

Sight Patch 1.1

Not related to the sight patch above, this patch provides simple but accurate sights for all weapons in Infinity. It requires Anvil v1.0.2.

6 French maps

Actually, 7... with outrageous accents. Mostly geometrical (big squares, or long hallways leading to other long hallways). If you can avoid the fisheyes, The Hard Machine is quite fun.


Sort of feels like a pried-open Mars Needs Women. Nice lighting, for M1. Comes with a physics model and a shotgun sound patch.