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Black Magic VI

A large, rambling level, with distinctive lighting effects, and some weird spatial quirks. Plenty of ammo and weapons... so as soon as you've figured out the flow, carnage rates should be high.

Close Quarters v1.0b

A tiny arena, with small rooms and passageways around the outside. Nicely laid out, with a switch that converts the whole thing from daytime lighting to dusk. Comes in two versions-the second one has the central hill raised, making for a better KOH game.

Dave's World

A medium-sized map, made up of a series of small rooms and passageways. Lots of explodabobs in tight spaces...

Midnight Carnage v1.1

A huge level, mostly centered around a very large open area. Ammo is a bit scarce, given the size of this map... and due to its vast openness, it's somewhat slow on slower machines, but it should be pretty nice with mid-sized groups on fast ethernetted machines.

Villa Banzai v2.0

A conversion of one of the most beautiful M1 third-party levels ever created. This rendition is just as attractive as the original... and has the added attraction of real lava (instead of the simulated kind in M1). In fact, the biggest difference between the versions is the color scheme (the original was green, this one is brown). If you've got a fast enough machine, you HAVE to get this-that's all there is to it.

Above it All v1.0

A very geometrical (mostly squares, actually), multilevel arena. There are a few secrets, but mostly you'll be jumping from block to block, avoiding spanker shots from all around...

Another Net Map

The actual level is called "Another Small Net Map", but I think that's not right... it's pretty big. Decent flow (there's usually more than one way out...), and some secrets (look for that spanker!). Don't forget IZD if you're on a 68K machine-it's not clean.

Battle Dome

A very simple map (very similar in layout-but not inspiration or beauty-to the original M1 Arena).


A pretty nice little arena with a nearly indefensible hill. Carnage should be really high, and you can enjoy the good looks of this map as you fly above it, blood pouring from every orifice...

Carnage Collection v1.0

In the spirit of the M1 MultiMapPaks, this is a collection of one group's favorite 10 net levels. They've been put into a single map file for ease of play. Original readmes are included.


Another unique concept in team Marathon. Using the enclosed physics model, you'll be able to shoot the skull at one of two speeds-one for passing, one for shooting on goal. There's a small room off to one side with two sets of 4 switches... you throw one from your set when you score. The first team to 4 wins. Try it!

Ghost Town

Modeled after a western town, complete with jail, saloon, bordello, mines, and Boot Hill! A bit linear, but that comes from trying to set it up around Main Street (as most old west towns were), and there are usually multiple ways out of a room.

Jake's Revenge

A bizarre level. Mostly a figure eight with a bunch of dead ends, but with a few secrets that make the dead ends not quite so dead. Did weird things to my computer while testing (momentary freezes-no crashes, though).

Kleptomania v1.0

Lots of passageways and stairs, with one Spanker (hence the name).

Lethal Injection v2.0

A small central arena (with a smaller central room) and a passageway (with secrets) around the outside. I think the intention was to make the central room only escapable by shooting switches, but the platforms that block access are player controllable... (Read that as: there's an easy way to get that spanker.)

Ret Bested

A small, very simple, high-carnage map consisting of a bunch of intersecting hallways. 5D space without the 5D-there's no place to hide.

Still Here?

An awful lot like Four Leaf Clover, but without the lighting effects... a simple arena with four curving stairwells leading to sniper postions.


Inspired by the M1 map Chunnel. The object is to flip the switch in your opponent's base. (Similar to, but still different from, the Assault! concept.) Very nice layout. Size comes from a sound file the author uses to describe the map.

Urban Warfare

A large, rambling team level. There are bases to guard, features that can only be accessed by two people working together, and lots and lots of places to sneak up on someone. Not a high carnage level... more of a hunt-and-be-hunted one...

Vermicide v1.1

Another very nice small arena. Well thought-out in terms of movement... for example, you can't jump straight into the center from one of the side passages (but there are a few non-direct routes...) Our experience was that this little feature gave the hill guy that extra second to get a shot off... until people got used to the layout. Update tweaks textures, sounds, placement, and adds a room.