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Alpha 43

Geometrical, with multiple routes of entry and exit from each area. Use the sewers... they're faster than the ledge routes. Overall, a highly polished map. Comes with a bunch of Marathon icons.

Arena Gold Collection

4 levels. (Only 3 of them use the Pfhor texture set.) Need work... misaligned textures, missing textures (the center of the last level, for example), not enough ammo or too many powerups...

By Fire & Night v2.0

Too much lava for my tastes... A large arena with smaller areas around the perimeter. Problem is, they're mostly filled with lava... Example-there's a 2x recharger, but you can't get to it without at least 2x shields... and we haven't had a chance to test it with a big group, but it seems to be a little short on weapons. The large size comes from a screenshot that's been blown way up to become a scrolling chapter screen.


A port of an M1 map that was included with the Go Wif Jeza package. I didn't like the original very much, because I kept getting whupped on it... but this is a very nice translation, taking advantage of lots of nice M2 features, and the next time I run into these guys...
Download it for its diversity of altitudes, its great flow, its ubiquitous ammo. The biggest negative would have to be its overabundance of rechargers, and I can live with that... Staying on the hill is a non-trivial exercise.

Cut in the Sublight Engines

A pretty nice 5D map, in the vein of 5D space. A couple of secrets, but nothing you can't live without... (for example, there's a hidden spanker, but they'll show up in the main area after a little while). Good use of ambient sounds.

Death by Chocolate v1.1

Three interlinked arenas (one waterfilled). The explodabobs provide convenient access to the ledges in the low-grav environment...


An extremely well-done 8-level solo scenario. (Well, the count's a little suspect-there are a couple of levels that probably shouldn't be counted (they're added for story continuity, but except for weapons refreshment, they don't have much on 'em), and one net level that's simply the last level, redone for netplay-but the important part is that it's a full scenario.) The story revolves around the battle for a water supply plant... and has a non-standard ending. The chapter art is inspired. Highly recommended.

Llamas are Larger than Frogs v1.2

A nice little arena with a few teleporters, some sniper ledges, and lots of flow paths. Good carnage for small groups. (Not enough weapons for larger ones.) Update adds new weapons, aligns some textures. This should be a final version.

Look at the Loser in the Middle

A nice simple arena-like space... a central cage, and a light-and-shadow area around it. The central person gets a spanker, and invincibility, but can't move. The outside folks get fusion pistols and assault rifles... and shadows. This isn't new, but it's been lost in the depths of my hard drive for months.


A small 5D space. Won't support large numbers (not enough weapons), but should be pretty fun for small groups. Pretty intuitive... hard to get lost, even though you've got very distinct regions.

QuasiMoFo v1.3

A pretty big map, but very pleasant to look at, and open enough (with enough access to most points) that even smaller groups should enjoy it. Great lighting and sound... one of the more impressive releases off the (now-defunct) Testing Grounds. Update is only for email address change.