Created by Jimmy Mitchell

Harmonia v1.1

Another update of a previously posted map. This one falls right in line with flow, lighting, visual design and construction. A very good large net map that is now updated. Minor tweaks in this one, a definite addition for every ones net map library.

Harmonia/Llamas Evil Pack

Two maps from Jimmy Mitchell. Llamas are Larger Than Frogs v1.7, and Harmonia v1.2. These maps, which are posted elsewhere on the archive, are now patched for use with the Evil: Cursed application.

Llamas are Bigger Than Frogs v1.7

Another update of one of the best medium sized net levels. This one has been reworked in some areas, lights for example. It does seem to be faster and it is just as fun now as it was before. If you don't have this one yet, get it...a very well thought out map.

Harmonio v1.0

Another large net map from the maker of Llamas. Again, a very fast net map with some open area's that can serve as arena's. Some "back doors" that lead to some great places to sneak up on your net friends. This map is detailed but at the same time is very fast. Just a couple of items disrupt flow. And these items where either on purpose or for the sake of the geometry of the map. Will support 4 net modes, a very good download.

Carnage Collection v1.3

A great collection of network maps. This collection was put together by Jimmy Mitchell with permission of the authors. All of the orginial readme's are included. You will find levels from Frigid to Borzz....10 in all, some remade for Infinity textures. This update corrects some texture problems.

Carnage Collection v1.0

In the spirit of the M1 MultiMapPaks, this is a collection of one group's favorite 10 net levels. They've been put into a single map file for ease of play. Original readmes are included.

Llamas are Larger than Frogs v1.2

A nice little arena with a few teleporters, some sniper ledges, and lots of flow paths. Good carnage for small groups. (Not enough weapons for larger ones.) Update adds new weapons, aligns some textures. This should be a final version.