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BOBs of the Hill v1.0

A elevated center tower connected to a outer ring. The paths to the ring are cool but the pits are filled with sewage. The flow at times seemed to be obsturcted with the ease of finding the teleporters in the pits. (Why it is a good king of the hill map--if you play it on EMFH, then the flow comment will make more sense) Will support king of hill great...The switches will also aide in this endeavor, although the film will not show it. Good construction and the use of one ambient sound just about blew me out of my room.....(if you use a subwoofer) Solo is possible.

Daronn's Sunfire

Some real ingenius types of lighting has gone into this one. Big, arena surrounded by a ring of ammo located in very small hallways. Keep on them, you will eventually end up on a great sniper ledge. At times it didn't seem big, until you play it net, this puppy is big and it will support up to 8..I was just so impressed with the construction idea that as I was looking up at the center of the map I was getting wasted. A cool trick with the lava- the film doesn't show it but it's there. Will support all kinds of net play..great download and well worth you time.

Off He Goes v1.0

A medium sized large platform arena surrounded by a "lack of vision" type of trench. A couple of outside rooms connected by walkways that show you some great consturction efforts. I enjoyed playing this map the most. It lended itself for all kinds of play and it is well laid out. Lights and sounds are pretty basic but construction and stragedy was well thought out. IMO one of the best--the author threw some cool ideas in for the door switches. (?) Teleporters can help you if you think them through. Great map, great flow and some great "death rooms".

Come and Get It

A small square arena with a recharger that is right in view of all parts of the room. (don't stay here long-you will die often, duh??) Lots of ammo and weapons--platforms can aide so be careful.

Enhanced Wheel

This map has some great construction ideas, based on a "spoke of eight parts", this map will lend it self to all types of play. Based on the M1 version, be prepared for teleporting and halls to get from one area to the other. Light sets were great and the use of sounds, IMO was just right. Out of all the maps I played this one, IMO, was the most fun. Check out the film. This map is also M-2 compatible so it is well worth the download.

I Could've Had a V8! (mi)

A small arena with vertical moving pillars that can aide your destruction or carnage total. I can appreciate the work for the moving platforms, but I killed myself more times than my opponent. Don't just ramble through this one, take your time to get the "feel" of the construction. This one will support more players than I thought it could. Very well built and some great light sets!!

Rising Sun

Identical layout to the Marathon 1 version. A small arena with a platforms that will smash you faster than you can get out. This feature was a great idea but annoying at times. Some texture smearing with this one and with the authors other maps, it is compatible for M-2.

The Pit

Based on the authors M1 version, this one is a small arena that can hold up to about 4, IMO. Smearing in this one too, but still worth the playtime. I liked it better than the Rising Sun map. Again, compatible with Marathon 2.

World Wide Web

I enjoyed playing this one solo!! A maze of twisted passageways that in time might give you a claustrophobic feeling. Net play, determine....I have the map at Cyber Worx, so I will find out soon. Same as above-based on the Marathon 1 version with compatibility for Marathon 2

High School Tool

This map is really a high school, almost like the one I teach at. Complete with a football field and lockers in the hallways. I didn't have time to go through every nook and cranny---I did want to get it up tonight. A net map that can be played with teams, every man for himself, king of the hill or kill the guy with the ball. With 2 it might be slow--although I plan to try it with two asap!! Great construction, great use of texture placement. This one is cool!!!!! Comes with a patcher that HAS TO BE USED!!

Carnage Collection v1.3

A great collection of network maps. This collection was put together by Jimmy Mitchell with permission of the authors. All of the orginial readme's are included. You will find levels from Frigid to Borzz....10 in all, some remade for Infinity textures. This update corrects some texture problems.

Castle Rocagloriosa

This map was sent to me a couple of weeks ago. I just found it and decided that I owed it to the author to at least explain why it was so late in posting. A very good map with some incredible construction. Choice of textures is few, but if you read the read me it is done this way on purpose. This map lends itself for team play as well as king of the hill. Flow for the most part is good and when you are in the inside of the castle take my advice and slow down or you will miss some things. The moat around the castle holds some goodies.

Mara OS

About MaraOS. MaraOS, formerly called Marathon Runner, is an application that makes it easier to manage all the different Marathon accessory files (modules) you might have accumulated. The usual way to do this involves a lot of copying, moving, renaming, and forgetting. I wrote MaraOS to make this process somewhat simpler- it moves files to their proper place and renames them, freeing you to organize and name modules as you see fit. By keeping track of names and locations for you, MaraOS allows you to get on with the killing with the minimum of fuss. It does this by searching for modules w...

Shotgun Bobs 1.02

Well, if you read news group often than you know about the thread to accomplish this type of shapes patch. Brett Engle decided to get involved and the bob now totes a shotgun with some pretty good sequencing.

Dirt Devil

At first I tried to play this map without reading the read me....big mistake. This map uses the flame thrower for a jet pack and allows you to waste carnage while floating in space outside of the very small arena. The only problem I had is while you are flying it is very difficult to aim and fry someone. The concept and idea is cool. Check it out if you are into these types of physic's models.

HMS Albatross

Billed as a tutorial map(for the author). he's off to a good start here. Six levels, designed to be difficult on the normal setting-and they ARE! Each level is simply over populated. There are plenty of rechargers, heaps of ammo (in places), and generally nice level construction. A lack of lighting effects, use of sounds, a few bouncing poly's and overall feasability-allow for room for improvement. Those of you into "Vidmaster" style levels should really enjoy at least the last level, and some of those on the way there. Well worth the download, but there is alot to learn here.

Roberta Patch

From the maker of the Amazons patch comes a new shapes file that turns your bobs into Robertas. They behave kind of strange at times-i.e. depending on your carnage setting and enviorment, but I do believe they look a little bit better than the Amazons.

2000R / Mini Gun

Changes your assault rifle into the MO-M/DWN Mini Gun. This 2000 round weapon is 15 times more powerful than the MA75, and will slice through anything that is foolish enough to get in your way.

A Day In The City

A large square arena that is enclosed by 4 two story type buildings. This is a large map so any less than 3 it would be pretty slow. Construction is great, no sounds to speak of, use of textures sometimes gets confusing, but I got used to it. Weapons are placed very well-so don't expect to be able to find everything right from the beginning. No secrets on this one, king of the hill is possible within the intersection of the middle of the map.

Carnage Among Enemies

A basic stress reliever. This is one of those "kill everything and keep loading". The carnage never stops in this one....what more can I say...