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Come and Get It

A small square arena with a recharger that is right in view of all parts of the room. (don't stay here long-you will die often, duh??) Lots of ammo and weapons--platforms can aide so be careful.

Enhanced Wheel

This map has some great construction ideas, based on a "spoke of eight parts", this map will lend it self to all types of play. Based on the M1 version, be prepared for teleporting and halls to get from one area to the other. Light sets were great and the use of sounds, IMO was just right. Out of all the maps I played this one, IMO, was the most fun. Check out the film. This map is also M-2 compatible so it is well worth the download.

I Could've Had a V8! (mi)

A small arena with vertical moving pillars that can aide your destruction or carnage total. I can appreciate the work for the moving platforms, but I killed myself more times than my opponent. Don't just ramble through this one, take your time to get the "feel" of the construction. This one will support more players than I thought it could. Very well built and some great light sets!!

Rising Sun

Identical layout to the Marathon 1 version. A small arena with a platforms that will smash you faster than you can get out. This feature was a great idea but annoying at times. Some texture smearing with this one and with the authors other maps, it is compatible for M-2.

The Pit

Based on the authors M1 version, this one is a small arena that can hold up to about 4, IMO. Smearing in this one too, but still worth the playtime. I liked it better than the Rising Sun map. Again, compatible with Marathon 2.

World Wide Web

I enjoyed playing this one solo!! A maze of twisted passageways that in time might give you a claustrophobic feeling. Net play, determine....I have the map at Cyber Worx, so I will find out soon. Same as above-based on the Marathon 1 version with compatibility for Marathon 2