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Arena of the Stars

A large arena, with a split wall dividing the space in half and rooms reminiscent of Bungie's two M1 arena levels at both ends. Watch your back in these rooms... the walls aren't always what they seem. Teleporters take you to tozters, and then to sniping positions in the main arena. Very nice flow.

Control Room

A KOH level designed for two players. (I suppose there could be more, but it seems best suited for two.) The hill is, as the title implies, a control room, and provides switches for five elevators that make up the main floor of the arena below it. The person in the booth tries to crush his opponent, who tries to stay alive long enough to plant a missile where it counts. A back hallway provides more than enough ammo.

Giza Revisited

A pyramid in the center, small sniper halls halfway up the outside walls, and a plethora of elevators and teleporters make this a high-carnage map. There's no place to hide (except maybe in the center of the hill), and no place you can't get to with a weapon in seconds.

Infinity MaraMacros v1.1

Similar to the M2 version, these are MacsBug macros for cheating in Infinity. Install them (instructions included), and you'll be able to boost shields, weapons/ammo, oxygen... you name it, all without modifying your Marathon app or needing a saved game. Update fixes a small bug that makes it impossible to change the info on the assault rifle.


Based on the offices of the author. Very nice layout... another good example of the power of Forge's texture alignment capabilities. Check the restrooms... lots of good stuff to be found there. Comes with films.

M2 Suicide v19

8 maps, all remakes of classic M1 suicides. The biggest change between these and their predecessors is the lighting... these are all bright and cheery, where their originals were dark and brooding. Cylinder, particularly, suffers from this... but they were all among our group's favorites, way back when, and it's great to see them again.

Night Panther Levels 1.1

A two-level solo scenario, and a net map. The author was learning Pfhorte as he went, and it shows... The second level, and the net level, are far more impressive than the first level. (The first level isn't buggy or anything... just a little slow.) Stick it out, though... it's worth the wait. (He's obviously a very fast learner.) Update adds one solo level (huge, and rambling, with some very nice visual effects) and one net level (5D, with some serious confusion going on). Every level is better than the last... as it should be.

Rising Roundabout

A hellish level. Huge, with a main arena that consists of a slow-moving large elevator, and various ledges. Monsters, lava pits, and suicide traps abound... your death rates will be much higher than either your kill rates or your suicide rates on this one...


Two maps (variations on a theme). This map was created during the Forge beta testing cycle, and is basically a demonstration of the utility of Chisel, a Forge enhancement (written by this map's author). This is what you can do when you have the ability to make nice circles... The second map is a nice variation on Everyone's Mortal But Me.

SeweRAT's Wild Ride

Current is the major player in this map. You have the ability to control your turns, but forward motion is out of your hands... turn-and-fire spanker shots can make this level deadly for stalkers.

The Dark Side

Sort of a reverse Rising Sun. Pitch black room, with a crusher (pressure-activated, so watch where you walk!) in the center... a switch lowers some light panels and weapons shelves (both good for silhouetting your opponents). The hunter is pretty annoying...

The Marche Pit

Everyone starts in small rooms above a round, well-lit pit. No weapons (not even a pistol), but you do start with full 1x health... the object is to see who's the best with their fists.

Infinity Easter Egg

This map was included in the Infinity package as an easter egg. Finding it was truly convoluted... details can be found in the Readme. Suffice it to say, it's a way-cool trick. The map is here with the permission of its author.

HabitTrail of Death

A large map, consisting of layered passages in the center, and various level-changing options around the outside. Flow seems quite good... there are a pair of rechargers, but they're pretty vulnerable to sniping action, and there's plenty of ammo to keep the game going. Comes with a totally incomprehensible film.

La Haute-Ville

A large room, with a raised central platform. The center of the platform moves, bringing you from level to level. Teleporters on the outside enhance flow. The upper section can be truly dangerous to those on the ground, since it has safety ledges to hide behind...

Round and Round the Mulberry Bush

The readme says this is your basic arena level, but that's a bit misleading... there are three open areas, two of them island-pocked pools, and the third a ring-like room. (Which is actually two rooms, thanks to the magic of 5-D space...) All are connected by narrow passageways, with a few nice secrets. Look hard for the secret ammo room, and when you find it, make sure to check out your map view!

Smell The Noise

A straightforward arena. This one's dark, and rectangular, with a couple of (well-lit) sniper perches and a few small pools to lurk in... and more than enough ammo to level a small European country. The prize goes to he who moves the fastest... there's almost no place to hide.

The Table

A two-level arena, with the "table" being a large, open area, sitting as a pillar above an encircling ring. Teleporters and secret doors in the landscape of the outer ring wall bring you to either sniper positions above the outer ring, or to the center. Ammo and weapons seem to be optimized for smaller groups.

Devlin Teaser Mov

This oldversion quicktime movie was made and sent abroad to many newsgroups as a "teaser" of the upcomming large conversion project.

Killing Fields v2.5

Wow, this one has a long history... It started life as a section of Bungie's M1 solo level Try Again. Butch created one of the best M1 Suicide levels ever by cutting off outside access to this ring... the original Killing Fields can be found in several packages, including Suicide Maps v.2.