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Let's Rock Infinity

A remake of decent M2 level. Flow is pretty good, lighting is controllable from above the main arena, and yes, there is a reason for going into the Hunters' cage...


Part two of the Interceptor Series. Two levels, both with some seriously beautiful mapmaking techniques... You're charged with protecting the Rebel Base. Keep a sharp eye out for oxygen rechargers and save buffers... you'll need 'em. This one's worth the download for the platform techniques alone.

And check out the Digestible Chunks page, for floppy-sized pieces!

Shadow of Death v1.1

Extremely Thunderdome-like. Choice of textures gives the map a gentrified feel... small enough that carnage should be very, very high. Update fixes some lighting bugs, and tweaks ammo. Like all Carnage Inc. levels, this can also be found on the author's web page.

The Succulent Nipple of Life

For anyone who ever played the M1 map Aim High, you'll recognize the feel of this map-enclosed catwalks above tall platforms and a lava-threaded base. For any who haven't, you'll find this map requires real up-and-down aiming abilities... and the skill to recover from weapon recoil. Far easier to look at in hi-res than low.

USIT v3.2

An Infinity port of an M2 map. This is based on the author's work building in Norway. This version seems to have more open space than the first one, and there were various other tweaks to take advantage of the new engine (Flechettes and lots of ammo available...).

U.S.S. Triesty

A 17-level scenario (or a little more, if you count repeated levels), with modified shapes and art. (The shape mods are mostly a new weapon, but there are a bunch of small things that add up to a more complete experience... check out the doors, for instance.) It could use a little texture alignment, but overall quality is quite good. (The first level is very slow-don't judge the entire scenario by it.) Nice AI evolution.

Mutual Satisfaction (mi)

This map was originally inducted into the Marathon 2 Maps Hall of Fame at Marathon HyperArchive Northwest. A great net map that will allow for alot of carnage. This map will MAKE your aim get better!!! (or you will die alot). Great construction, great use of polys, IMO!! Watch out for the hill in the middle.

nfinity Suicide v2.0

Three new levels, all very playable. This map is recommended for Power Macs. If you have a 040 machine, make sure you read the "read me". If you live suicide maps--you will love this one!!

Shadow of Death

Thunderdome flashbacks here!! Textures are quite different and it is small enough that there should be a lot of carnage.

"Oh. Gosh! Oh, Gee!"

Huge. A central arena, surrounded by a lower ring, and some hidden stuff. Weapons and ammo to support about 300.

Beware the Jabberwocky

A very nice M1 net map... felt a lot like a combination of a bunch of Bungie's net maps. Twisty passageways, a large two-tier arena, teleporters to take you from here to there with no waiting, and a few little secrets... worth playing.

Chain Mail

Designed to look like it's name. Claustrophobic-you'll find yourself running into walls a lot. Mouse players will have an advantage in this one... but it got old pretty quickly for all of us.

Close Combat

A bunch of odd-shaped, bug-filled (both alien and the more mundane kind) rooms... I got trapped in two polys in three rooms. (Including the start position...)

Empire of the Serpent Sun 1.0

A three level solo scenario. Needs a great deal of texture alignment, and the lighting could stand a bit of sprucing up, but there's plenty to kill... I got a little tired of the fight-to-a-teleporter, see-if-you're-done style.

Infinity-Suicide v2.0

Three more, all originals. These are reminiscent of the early M1 suicides... high carnage, no hiding places, lots of in-your-face action. Storm Drain is beautiful, both for action and for looks!


A pretty nice dual arena, in a sort of twisted figure eight layout. The hill is in the room that looks a lot like Everyone's Mortal... flow is great, and ammo is plentiful. This also serves as a great level for fusion bob target practice. Comes with an optional physics model.

Riker's Maps

Infinity remakes of some classic M1 levels... these bring back memories. (I even remembered where the flamethrower was on KillKillKill!) In general, these are much brighter than the originals... this may disappoint you if you like to lurk in shadows (which all three of these maps were good for). Two versions of Billy... one with media and one without.

The Gauntlet v1.1

A classic-style arena, reminiscent of Lack of Vision or What Goes Up... fantastic flow, nice variety of playing styles, and a few secrets. (Watch your back if your opponents find the recharger before you do!) Big enough for eight, but plays well with three or four, as well. Worth the download.

The Impoverished King

A mazelike level, with the hill in the center. Once you're on it, you'll be there until you die... and once you run out of ammo, you won't be able to defend yourself. Each section has a route to the hill. A little claustrophobic- the ceilings aren't very high (usually).

The Ramus Adventure

A six level solo scenario. Generally high quality construction, and entertaining flow. This one'll keep you busy for a while... really has the feel of a tight-quartered ship, in places.