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The Warren

Large (frighteningly large), and it uses exactly one texture. Designed to look like a rabbit warren. It does. I say leave it to the rabbits.

Who Brought the Bandages?

Extremely simple layout (rectangular rooms, and a couple of ledges), filled with ammo and baddies.

Who's your daddy?

A multi-tiered arena, with the hill at the bottom. Small rooms around the outside of the middle level provide breathing space (although the pulsating walls are a little annoying). Trapped exploda-fusion-bobs provide static entertainment.

You Killed Bob!

A simple map, filled with lots and lots and lots of bobs... some of which are explodabobs. The SMG comes in really handy in picking off the right ones... and there's plenty of ammo to keep you going.

ACME Station-M2

The infinity level, ported to the M2 alien textures. It's no longer vacuum, and all the baddies are gone... but so are some of the windows (which makes for easy transfer from hallway to hallway, actually).

Covered With Corpses

An extremely fast-paced map, with a tiny open arena in the center, surrounded by eight entrances on two layers... and a rolling staircase around the whole shebang. Absolutely no place to hide...

Got a Match?

Simple outdoor maze, with a couple of rechargers and a (not-so) secret room. Flow is nice... but it could use some sounds.

Head Pfhor The Sewers! v2.0

This was one of the first third-party M2 maps available, and its classic styling earned it a place in the Map Hall of Fame. This Infinity release updates the textures, and adds a bit of sniper space... it's still a fantastic, simple arena map that doesn't get boring.

Killer Canyon

A multi-tiered level based on the concept of a box canyon. There are no indications for the elevators... you just have to know where they are. Seemed really, really low on ammo, as well...

La Terrasse Dufrein

A funky little wide open 5D map with edges so sharp I'd hesitate to try this on an 040 machine. However, it plays beautifully on a PPC... you won't be getting too many wall kills on this one.

Marathon Cheater 5.0.2

Allows you to modify saved games to give yourself obscene amounts of health, ammo, oxygen... and it works on everything from Marathon 1 (all versions) through the M2 preview, the M2 demo, the M2 full release, the Infinity Demo, and the full version of Infinity.

Postcard from Valhalla

The next installment of the series started with Codename Genesis. Hmm... "non-trivial" comes to mind. A fiendishly designed level (plus a nice setup level), with nasty traps, cool terms, but more than anything, physical puzzles requiring timing, more than anything. (Or at least that's what it boiled down to for me...) Well worth the download.

Infinity Arena

Based on the original Arena in M1, but with much wider hallways. (And an extra secret or two...)

Lunatics Lounge

A very tall 3-tiered map, with elevators and secret staircases leading from tier to tier. A few bugs (missing textures, that sort of thing), but nothing fatal.

Portals Max!

For anyone who's seen a previous incarnation of this map (it is available in both M1 and M2 flavors), this version is a serious upgrade. It feels more like a small city block, instead of a single room (well, a pair), and there is support for 8 players, finally. For those who haven't seen this map before, check it out. This is 5D space taken to the extreme. Two nearly identical areas (differing only in textures) occupying the same space, with windows for attacking, and a convoluted passageway to actually cross over. Spectacular...

Shotgun Overkill

A straightforward arena (which, incongruously, has lights hanging in a clear sky), connected to an absurdly overstocked ammo room (so much so that it blinks out of existence as you walk past it-the engine can't draw everything there). Would be more sporting without the ever-present invinicibility...

Infinity Suicide v1.0

Three new levels, all quite playable. (The readme, especially about the part that talks about these being made for Powermacs, should be heeded... the last one, in particular, is horribly slow on 040s.) The suicide tradition continues...

My Own Little Playground

A tiny geometric level, with interesting lighting. Weapons and ammo seem to be designed for two or three players, but there are 8 starting positions. If you decide to run through this solo, you won't see any of the items-they've all been designated network-only.

Warm and Snuggly

Warm, yes. Snuggly, no. A lava-filled pit is surrounded by, and crossed over with, jagged steplike areas. One wrong move, and you're drinking the hot stuff. There's a 2x recharger, but it's pretty exposed...

5D in Space

Just what it sounds like. Double ring-and-cross formation, with four outdoor viewing stations (if it weren't for the weapons out there, there wouldn't be much point in entering those death traps). The textures are a bit busy...