Created by Jeremy Condit

Portals Max!

For anyone who's seen a previous incarnation of this map (it is available in both M1 and M2 flavors), this version is a serious upgrade. It feels more like a small city block, instead of a single room (well, a pair), and there is support for 8 players, finally. For those who haven't seen this map before, check it out. This is 5D space taken to the extreme. Two nearly identical areas (differing only in textures) occupying the same space, with windows for attacking, and a convoluted passageway to actually cross over. Spectacular...

JC Net Collection v1.1

Jeremy Condit's net maps (4 of 'em), converted from M1 and enhanced. These were great levels for M1 (usually with some sort of unusual twist), and he's really improved the feel of them for M2. Stop the Press!, for example, doesn't feel so claustrophobic anymore, now that the outer ring is outdoors... These are all worth a look. And read the readme... there's quite a bit of useful information there. Update fixes a bug, and adjusts ammo...


This one's pretty slick. A two-player game (more will crash Marathon). 5-D space taken about as far as it can go. Check it out!

Stop the Press!

Another strategy map. There's a room that controls doors and a crusher in another room. The control room is pretty vulnerable. The crusher room has all the goodies. Where will you go?

The Man-Trap

Teleporters send you to a small prison for 45 seconds, where your enemies can take potshots at you.