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Infinity Water World

A pretty nice rendition of Waldo World. Outdoors, in (mostly) knee-high water.

Reach Out...

A pit, filled with many pillars which can either act as cover or induce suicides, is surrounded by a ledge. The pillars effectively hinder sniping from the ledge... but the high ground is useful, nonetheless. (Watch for shots from below, though... the ledge is lit, and the pit is not.) Teleporters bring you up, jumping brings you down.

The Bridge

This is simply enormous. Gigantic walls, huge falls, really, really long shots. Not all platforms make noise, so if you're looking for secrets (and there are a bunch), be sure to keep your eyes, as well as your ears, open. Looks like it'd be slow with less than, say, five.

The Twister

A tall cylinder, with stairs (and teleporters) around the outside, and a very slow-moving platform in the center. If you can stay alive on the platform until it reaches the top (unlikely, but...), invincibility awaits you. (There aren't any fusion pistols...)

"Fire, Walk With Me"

Two levels: one cross-and-ring based over lava, and the other a huge water-filled room (with water pillars for gaining altitude). The fire level feels a lot like an old Mike Neylon level, FineLine, for anyone who remembers it. Update adds a custom physics model (you're faster, now) and removes the water level.

Banzai! v3.0

A classic M2 map, now retextured, with totally redone object placement. Comes in both Infinity and M2 versions.

Bring on the Cookies

A medium-sized generic level. There are open areas and enclosed spaces, and multiple tiers, so most play styles should be accomodated.

Cinco de Mayo

Well, these Mexican restaurants are in Oklahoma and I love their food. Well, maybe I am thinking of another restaurant anyway , a fairly well consturcted map. You will finally get to a point in this one where the floor disappears due to all of the drones that have been massacred. Some cool tricks in two spots and even a jugger as a pinata~. Well worth the download if for no other reason then to shoot drones. It is large and has lots of very small passages in between.

Discipline of Anarchy

A relatively short solo level, where your job is to find the final term. Well-constructed, with switch-controlled doors making sure you see the entire map before exiting. The final battle is a nice one-on-one with a major jug... let's hope you brought enough ammo!

Here Be Dragons

A rather large lava map, on two levels. Be sure to use your map view in the underground part... or you'll miss a passageway or two. Big enough for eight, but without the weapons support for that many...

I Smurf to Kill You!

Flow is pretty good (it's very open), but the texture choices make my head swim. Keep your eyes closed, and this map plays pretty well.

Kill My Landlord

A great map IMO. This map has been tested by me via Net Link every night this week. The author has reworked almost every bug and if you have the patience this one is worth every minute of game time. It is constructed on a basic three tier level and the whole idea is to be where the player dies or where the ammo is. Two cool smasher tricks and a one secret. (napalm unit) (the authors favorite weapon). Some of the construction of this one is detailed enough for a solo adventure. Flow is great once you get the hang of it, well, flow per tier I mean.

Love and War v2.0

A very large, sprawling level with a wide variety of playing areas (open, narrow corridors, and everything in between). Lots of lava to die in... some smearing due to sight lines longer than 28 WU's, but only in a few places. Is built with an, um, interesting physics model... Let's just say you'll see something you haven't seen before. It's not at all clear what this update adds... (the readme doesn't mention changes, and I didn't see anything radically different when I ran through it.)

Marakart Enforced

A port of an M2 level, that was itself a port of a Nintendo level. Pretty unimaginative layout... this version has monsters and powerups, which the M2 version didn't have.

Osterberg Adventure 1.2

A three-level solo scenario, from someone who learned an awful lot from the likes of Bungie, Tony Smith, and Randall Shaw. The storyline's cohesive, though not pulitzer material... the levels are very playable. The near-constant juggernaut explosions add a novel lighting effect to the third level. Definitely worth a look. Update fixes a few missing or misaligned textures.

Symmetary v2.0

A large cloverleaf arena, with four underground loops for added space. An insane collection of monsters for a net level (four jugs in the main arena!), and lava you can't get out of... but it plays okay. Big enough for 8. Update cleans up textures, adds weapons, and tones down monsters. Much more playable, now...

The Unholy Wheel...

A wheel within an octagon... the textures hurt my eyes too much to figure out if this is a 5D map or not.

When I Close My Eyes...

Several rooms, linked together. Some rooms have pillars to dodge behind, and there's some Jjaro Goo to swim in. The included physics model provides invisible Pfhor.

Son of RatRace v1.2

This is a great map!!! It is based on three rings, the outer one with windows that open so you can pick off your friend, the inner one that has the most room with some aliens and weapons, and the inner one that I felt a little cramped at times. All in all a cool map with a couple of secret transporters to some secluded areas..and just enough media but not too much. Water in this case. This one can be played solo also just watch out for the inner ring. Construction is quite good and there are some cool lighting sets.

UESC Armeus

A spaceship, with tons and tons and tons of baddies. (Instant regeneration...) You can get outside the ship, but there isn't much there.... If you find the secret ammo room, you've got a serious leg up. There's a bad texture on one elevator, but it's not a crashing bug.