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More Spankies for Daddy (evil)

The original map for Infinity now made for Evil...has a good hill for KoTH play, has enough pillars and gagets for protection for EmfH and is made small enough that it will support small groups.

Mystic Base v1.2

I really like what this guy does with lights and light sets...These are not going to be your typical net maps.

Death Blade Arena v1.1

Probably one of the better uploads tonight without a doubt! This is another map from Nick Mason. (Mystic Series) A very large round open-air arena.

Ground Pounded

What a fun map this was....I really enjoyed this level..just playing it solo! You will need to download this, if for no other reason, just to release some stress.

Pfhriers Net Levels

Eleven total net levels, some made by the author and a couple that will jog your memory of some of Bungies favorites. Most of these have very strong light sets along with equally strong flow. Lots of net modes supported in these maps and I only found a couple of bugs.

Snork Pak

A collection of very good netmaps that range from small to medium levels. These were put together for the authors group of 2-3 players. They would fit that size of group perfectly. All of them have at least 1 or 2 very good visual tricks and all of them are very fast with good flow. KoTh to EmfH supported by these levels.

Three Shots of Whiskey v1.1

A very, very large net level. This thing just keeps going and going. The author seems to like small, 4 to 5 sided rooms for weapons. Ammo is no problem, but, you will have to hunt for the weapons.

Abbe Surcum Delar Quen

Visually a stunning map. The choice of textures along with the use of lava really makes this map stand out. A small KotH nete map that is ideal for 4 players.


A very large net level that at times reminded me of "Kill Your Television" form M-2. Some of the ideas in this map are very good, and along with the should have alot of carnage with this one. Some very tight walkways along with some pretty neat tricks...

Crowbar Specialist

Hmmm...Let me see if I can describe this map fast. A large, winding, mini-arenas, liquid forcefields, tight hallways, fast elevators, lots of BoBs pissed off at each other, net level. Supports a few modes.... Is built to enhance net play. A few neat ideas, texture choices were wierd at times, but with the fast turns and short sight lines, it begins to make sense.

Dr. Richards Ring

A medium sized net level that will absolutely drive you nuts trying to figure out the 5D space tricks. Built on the jjaro textures, this map would be ideal for 3 to 4 players. All modes are supported and try to remember that you are in space.

Dr. Richards Ring (evil)

A medium sized net level that will absolutely drive you nuts trying to figure out the 5D space tricks.


Another large net level from Matt Dolan. This is a smaller lava level then the Lava Lord. It supports all modes of netplay, and has a couple of shield recharge's that whould be first come first server! Visually some very nice choices with textures.(36K), and, I found some of the polys with aliens trapped inside. (monster impassable)

Lava Lord

From the title you can get the gist of this level. One small middle arena area, surrounded by connecting hallways that take some wide turns to wrap around the map. Visually nice at times, Supports alll modes, and qutie fast.

Morphine 2

A large "Evil" net level with enough ammo and weapons to house any large group. Elevated ledges along the walls lead to some secrets/sniper perchs along with a outside corridor that is borders two of the arena walls.

The Temple of Apollo

Not much to say here! Another very fine level from Michael Coyle. This is a very large outdoor arena that is wrapped with a elevated walkway. Every possible angle seems to have been thought out with this one. The arena is flooded with water, (personally my one and only dislike), but, even with the media, you can tell that there has been some thought in this one. Very good flow, some very good light set and should support up to 4 players. Supports all modes and should be a great carnage shoot.

a clump of rump dumplings

While on IRC the other evening, some of the DoubleAught crew asked if they could send this to me. After spending some time going through some of the levels, I finally decided that I could describe it and post. (you'll understand when you get it) It wasn't until this evening that I had a chance to catch Randy and/or Greg on IRC again. ( I was trying to find the author) They gave me the info I needed and I present tonight this new collection of net levels, titled as is. 25 levels that have some of the most bizarre construction to some of the best construction I have seen. Some of these level...

Cheese Steak v1.0

Another very good net map from Gary Iams. This one is fast and loaded with some goodies for all players.

Employed For Life v1.2

A completely large but centralized map that's great for KoTh. Some interesting secrets and floor plans, makes for some interesting play. Good midair shots are possible in this map.


A very large, KoTH net map that has multiple rings along with multiple "psuedo" arenas. You will need to take some time with this one or you will miss some of the details. Very tight angles and entry's make this one a carnage blaster. Built with the lava texture set, flow is pretty good and object placement seems to work well.