Created by Stuart Glenn

Crowbar Specialist

Hmmm...Let me see if I can describe this map fast. A large, winding, mini-arenas, liquid forcefields, tight hallways, fast elevators, lots of BoBs pissed off at each other, net level. Supports a few modes.... Is built to enhance net play. A few neat ideas, texture choices were wierd at times, but with the fast turns and short sight lines, it begins to make sense.


A very large, KoTH net map that has multiple rings along with multiple "psuedo" arenas. You will need to take some time with this one or you will miss some of the details. Very tight angles and entry's make this one a carnage blaster. Built with the lava texture set, flow is pretty good and object placement seems to work well.

Monkey's Fist

Very similar to Everyone's Mortal in layout, but much different in actual play. Very fast, with a defendable hill.

The Meat Grinder

A straightforward carnage arena. Two pillars in the center, a sewage-filled passageway around the outside, and some outside ledges. There seem to be some bad walls (poly edges with actual textures assigned, even though it's supposed to be open space), but I didn't get any crashes because of it...

The Corporate Ladder

Simple in design, but pretty fun in netplay. Four staircases meet in a cross, with the hill at the top. Around the bottom is another ring, with ammo... but you actually have to be coming up the stairs to get a shot at anyone at the top. Watch the walls when wielding that spanker...