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Cemetery v1.0

Visually this is a beautiful map! It is designed for a large group that supports EmFH and KOTh. But, to be honest, visually and construction wise, this map is really nice. I jumped in to the ceremony in progress and started firing. There was so much carnage that the engine couldn't handle the number of aliens. Designed as a alien cemetery for 2 to 8 players, this thing was great. Play wise you will need to have a large group.

Chock Full O'Shots (mi)

A very large water based net level that is visually stunning to look at. Some very nice texture choices here along with some light sets that make it as stunning as it is. You will need large groups for this map. It is BIG. Supports EMfH or could be played solo or co-op with the aliens provided. Give it a try and let the author know what you think. Previously on the archive as a M-2 map, now ported over to Infinity.

Gladiators (mi)

Two different maps, basically the same level. 4 Man Carnage is a large net level designed for 4 players. IMO due to the shear size of this thing you will need more than 4. It is possible with 4 with 4 very tall pillars that have slow moving platforms to give you access to the top. The pillars are in a very tall and large room, (arena) with one small room off to the side. Ammo is light but it does regenerate at a fast rate. The second: A very good water based arena map. I will quote from the read me. "This map is for the gladiators out there. There's nowhere to hide.

Phorsight v1.0

A very large, water based net map. This level is fast and furious. Four medium sized arenas with a small water corridor in the middle. Wrapped with a ring, that is elevated and exposed to the rings via sniper ledges in the walls. Access to the ring is by teleporters in the floors of the arenas. Supports EmFh and KtMwtB. Homogeneous textures makes it a little confusing at times but overall a good large net level.

Sixteen Cowards

A experimental map made with no doors, no arenas and no corridors. Should be a very fun map for a large group. Give this thing a look. It obviously could support tag and could be very fun! An ingenious idea!!

Town Square

A very large square arena with a few tricks thrown into the square. The arena is wrapped by a a single hallway that wraps completely around the square. A water pool along with some elevated platforms that activate at different speeds. Large groups intended here. Enough ammo and weapons for all and will support EmFH and KoTH.

Bounce Town

A small arena style map with some platforms that will give you the experience of "mini-tramps" as you run across them. Author states in the read me that it is large and needs to be played with a large group. I couldn't find enough ammo for more than two or three. You can be the judge. Visually, a beautiful map!

Herman's Network Maps

6 of Herman Ulltins best network levels. Most of these are large and can be played KotH, EmFH or KtmWtB. Some of these levels have been released already here at the archive, but most of them have been reworked. Some very good large net levels here for your next carnage fest.

Fm: Gravity? v4

A fairly simple concept map. Center area with a gravity defying column of spinning water that you can use to launch yourself into the air. The rest of the map is hallways for those lurker types.

Bloody Bodies Running Around

A small network map that supports EMfH, KtMwTB and KoTH. Flow is good and the platforms, etc. are fairly fast. Texture choices were good and there are some great hiding places to perch out and wait to pick off you fellow marines.

Cover Hill

A king of the Hill map with a hill that supports the Marine on the hill. Many times in KotH maps, the marine on the hill has to defend his place, with this map, you have tricks and other ways to help you to stay on the hill. Set with the Pfhor texture this map is visually nice, along with some pretty good flow for trying to be the first Marine on the hill. A good idea along with some great barriers...

Hide and Spank

A great level to use if one needs to learn about light sets and their states. This level is a small network map that gives the player the chance, "to follow bread crumbs" to get to the other marines. The "bread crumbs", are light sets that come on and go off as you enter and leave the areas of the map. Very good idea, and well needed. I know personally that I have been experimenting with light sets, and this map was a good guide. Supports Emfh and KtMwTB.

Juggernaut Fortress

A unique and quite spectacular map, if you like oddities. This map has some unique tricks that are not just "run of the mill" Marathon tricks. I won't spoil it by posting all of them. But you have one of three choices with platform switches. Hit the right one and come out on top. Hit one of the other two, you will get lights and/or a juggernaut. Great ideas on a different type of map. Take a look...

Death Repeats

A large net level that is best played KotH. A very tall and large hill in the middle of a medium sized arena. Access to the hill is via teleporter in one of the enclosed hallways that has ammo/weapons located in it. Will support KotH, EmfH and KtMWtB. If you leave the aliens on, be careful, "they're everywhere"!

Infinity Suicide Bungie Levels v2.0

16 levels that are remakes of partial Infinity maps. These are loaded with ammo, weapons, in typical suicide style. These are done pretty well and should provide you with a high amount of kills and carnage.

Infinity Suicide Original Levels v2.0

10 original suicide levels by Butch Massoni. Some of these are visually nice as well as loaded for kills and carnage. Some pretty cool ideas for this style of map. Give these a try and have some all out carnage...

Kill 'em All v1.3

A update of a previous posted map. This update adds some passageways and adds a 1x recharge. A very good large net map with a pretty cool trick in the middle. It is not a hill! So don't think that the sewage will give you time. This map is best for EmfH and it is designed for it. Some nice visual moments along with some pretty cool tricks.

Thors Hammer v1.5

A update of a previous map posted at Midwest. This version updates a couple of light sets.

Tower of Fear

Two levels, two different styles of play. The first level has normal physics and no aliens. (It does have those Explodobobs). The second level has the "alien weapon physics model" and a different strategy. A very tall, vertical, in terms of world units, map. Can be played EmFh, or KotH. The hill being the lighted poly on the ground floor. Three different main platforms, 2 in the tower and one across the arena. Access is by long staired, weaving hallways. Some of the bob tricks are pretty funny. AND make sure you power up!

Boo Berry Blood Bath

A wild and somewhat large experiment into 5D space. One very wide and long hallway with no ammo/weapons, wrapped about by a mini maze, (walls do not go entirely to the ceiling, so it is still very open) where all of the ammo and weapons are located. Your aim needs to be very good along with your side stepping skills. Basic textures, basic lighting, a medium sized level designed for carnage. EmFH supported...check the film.