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Cursed Whirl Womb

Based on the water texture set...ported over to the evil application. This map used chisel and he did a pretty job with it. Water chutes and fast currents make you plan you routes carefully and well in advance. Built in physics will help the nuke cannon.


A very good KoTH map. A large square arena surrounded by three enclosed hallways. A large ring wraps around the whole map and is elevated and exposed. Some very nice lighting effects with this one and the chip will expose some much wanted ammo and shield recharges.

From Up Out Da Earth

A very dark, large and sprawling net level. Evil has a default of a dark set when the game starts...combined with this level it is DARK! There are lights and this level would be great for the "sniper" type player. Some ideas with strategies in mind...

Saturday Night Pfhever

Visually a stunning map. Some very nice lighting and texturing in this level. It can be used for solo pratice, or as a net level. As a net level it is a large arena surrounded by some strange and neat effects. Worth the download....The wanted poster was a pretty neat trick.

Atrophied V4.1

A six level netpak for Evil. Some of these levels are very good and some have some "strange" ideas. Not bad, but different. Randal Shaw helped with some of the levels.

More Spankies for Daddy (evil)

The original map for Infinity now made for Evil...has a good hill for KoTH play, has enough pillars and gagets for protection for EmfH and is made small enough that it will support small groups.

Mystic Base v1.2

I really like what this guy does with lights and light sets...These are not going to be your typical net maps.

Death Blade Arena v1.1

Probably one of the better uploads tonight without a doubt! This is another map from Nick Mason. (Mystic Series) A very large round open-air arena.

Ground Pounded

What a fun map this was....I really enjoyed this level..just playing it solo! You will need to download this, if for no other reason, just to release some stress.

Three Shots of Whiskey v1.1

A very, very large net level. This thing just keeps going and going. The author seems to like small, 4 to 5 sided rooms for weapons. Ammo is no problem, but, you will have to hunt for the weapons.

Abbe Surcum Delar Quen

Visually a stunning map. The choice of textures along with the use of lava really makes this map stand out. A small KotH nete map that is ideal for 4 players.

Dr. Richards Ring (evil)

A medium sized net level that will absolutely drive you nuts trying to figure out the 5D space tricks.

Morphine 2

A large "Evil" net level with enough ammo and weapons to house any large group. Elevated ledges along the walls lead to some secrets/sniper perchs along with a outside corridor that is borders two of the arena walls.

Cheese Steak v1.0

Another very good net map from Gary Iams. This one is fast and loaded with some goodies for all players.

Employed For Life v1.2

A completely large but centralized map that's great for KoTh. Some interesting secrets and floor plans, makes for some interesting play. Good midair shots are possible in this map.

Screaming Orgasm

Visually exciting and lively, this map is very good. Done with the Jjaro texture set with some powerful lighting effects, this map was fun! Check out our film from our last fest! Supports all net modes but ball is not recommended due to some sewage rivers.

The One and Only v1.01

This is a wild ride in and around and at the bottom of a compact outpost on a mountain. Small and best for 2-4 players it can also be played solo. Has some wild lighting effects as well as some wierd floor plans. Worth a look.

Fm: Roam

Roam is a concept map I came up with while trying to get to sleep. I was thinking, "Wow, wonder what it would be like if we played a King of the Hill map where the hill kept changing locations during play."

Fm: Nukedome

This... is Nukedome.

Hell to live, hell for fun.

Watch your side.

Watch your front.

Watch your ass.

Fm: Rancid OJ

This map is made for every type of play, including solo carnage fun. It also has a deadly hill... where some might feel over confident with the cubby area they can hide around, but any well executed spnkr shot will kill them...