Atrophied V4.1

A six level netpak for Evil. Some of these levels are very good and some have some "strange" ideas. Not bad, but different. Randal Shaw helped with some of the levels. (suggestions) and for the most part they are fairly well laid out. I enjoyed the "sunbathing level" the most. I found myself playing it way too long this evening. This pak is worth a look...and make sure to email the author. Check out Level 6, How Do I Get To Carnagie Hall? I only found one bug with a invisible wall....there should be a update soon. Now updated with two new maps and bug fixes.

Levels in map "!Atrophied4.1":
snipe hunting...
Mmmm Mmmm, Good… (FrigidMix)
Lavae Mauae
G4, no more...
How do I get to Carnagie Hall?