Created by Nick Mason

Apocalypse Net Pack v1.1

A pair of maps that share a similar overall layout, but play very differently. Both are loaded with eye candy (Tempest, especially, has some pretty fun lighting effects), and both have a generally square layout with an outer corridor enclosing an inner complex... but the inner complexes are very different.

First Strike v1.0

Loosely based on the Mystic Base map from the Mystic Map Pak, this is a netmap with a twist... it can (sort of) be played solo. That is, there is a mission, of sorts, laid out by the terms.

Kill Frenzy v1.01

A multilevel arena map, with tweaked physics. I'm not usually a fan of aliens in net games... but in this case, I'd make an exception. The hill is the entire arena floor, and the baddies generally stay down there.

Wheel of Evil v1.0

A huge, organic-feeling map in which 8 people could play with breathing room. More aliens than you can shake a stick at... this one works fine as a solo stress reliever, as well.

Blood and Steel v1.0

A very nice large arena, with a fast-moving peripheral ring. Two rechargers in the center, but if your opponents are any good, you won't be able to use them. In solo mode, the aliens give you a nice run for your money... troopers and hunters regenerate at absurd rates, but enforcers and fighters are on your side to help out. (Careful, though... there are enough enforcers that friendly fire is a real hazard.) Attractive design, and great flow.

Evil-Plague Maps Pack v2.0

Four maps, Plague Planet, Winds, Water and Thunder. Some of these levels are very similiar to some you might have seen before. They are all nicely constructed.

Lunacy Cubed v1.1

Hey, this is pretty good! Supports solo play & up to 8 players. You will be busy as this handsome well-thought map is full of ‘tweaked’ Troopers, a bad, bad Jugger & other assorted nasties. Recharger for super shields sure is a good idea! Sounds are familiar but we always liked those sounds anyway. Too funny, when you finally eat it, just lay still & watch the action, those crazy kids keep creaming one another! KaBlam! Pow!

Bridge of Despair v1.0

Pretty good layout, Arena type square with bridge in the middle, secret doors, variety of levels, and the S'pht are on your side which means they're pretty useless as usual, especially with that Jugger in the middle of your bridge. King of the Hill, Ball are untested but author recommends up to eight players. No cooperative play although solo is also okay per Mr. Mason.

Burning Steel v1.0

Square Arena play, lower level populated by aliens for solo play, upper level ledges have good corners for sniper spots with a raised dais in middle for King of the Hill. Decent layout. Supports up to eight players.