Fm: Rancid OJ

Requires: Marathon:Evil

Specs: Was created on a PPC with Forge. Runs really well for PPCs, and even on 040 machines.

Rancid Orange Juice came to my mind when Stompy from #marathon was commenting about some rancid OJ in his refrigerator. You just had to be there... anyhow, I told him I was going to make a map using that as the title, so here it is.

This map is made for every type of play, including solo carnage fun. It also has a deadly hill... where some might feel over confident with the cubby area they can hide around, but any well executed spnkr shot will kill them. Many strategic vantage points are in this small map, but don't let strategy get you down if thats not your game, because this map has just about enough areas to attack and be attacked in.

This map is strictly for use with Evil, it will bomb Infinity, so you will have to have Evil to play it. Being an Evil only map, it has its own built in physics for Evil also... and there is a nice surprise waiting for all of those who love the Railgun.

Levels in map "Rancid OJ":
Rancid Orange Juice