Fm: Roam

Requires: Marathon:Evil

Specs: Was created on a PPC with Forge. Runs really well for PPCs, and runs 'ok' on 040 machines.

Roam is a concept map I came up with while trying to get to sleep. I was thinking, "Wow, wonder what it would be like if we played a King of the Hill map where the hill kept changing locations during play." SO... I made this map in one day, then we played it at our Carnage Fest VI the following day to test it. Was really fun, so I decided to release it. A film of us playing it is included also.

The hills change location by way of closing up and flooding. When a hill runs its time, it closes up and floods with lava, and then the next hill opens for everyone to dog pile onto. Was really fun, because if you get caught, you die, but you get some time on the hill till you die, so it's a good tradeoff. Some hills you can escape the death, but some are REALLY tricky to escape.

Five different hills total, in five different places, so strategies change with each area. The hills cycle around every ten minutes, so, in a nice ten minute game you can have played on all the hills.

If you look at the 3d map view below, you can see the Control Rods I used to send the signal to the next hill to open and close. I did this because it made sure that everything stayed in time with each other, and it couldn't get thrown off in really long games. If I had made each hill on their own timer, things could get messed up big time once you figure out how.

Levels in map "Roam":