Created by Adam Zettlemoyer

Evil-Castle Nemesis

A large, central arena with lots of room for carnage shoots. The author states he made this on a fast Mac, you will be able to tell real fast, the central area is very complex and the faster your Mac is, the better this map will be. Supports all net modes and best for large groups.

Evil-Space Junk v1.1

Two levels. Both of them for the Evil application and they are well built, with some rather strange building techniques at times. But, overall worth your time.

Evil-Temple of Nasties

A large "temple-like" structure surrounded by a outside ring makes this level fast. Some very good ideas with design and flow was very good. Supports all modes of net play and is best designed for EmfH.

Evil-Urine Pool

Several distinct areas for play of your choice. Didn't see a urine pool, thank God! But at start-up you are in a Mae West-shaped area with water medium paths, 2x's & from there, it's pretty standard stuff. Supports 3-4 players. description by JD

Three Shots of Whiskey v1.1

A very, very large net level. This thing just keeps going and going. The author seems to like small, 4 to 5 sided rooms for weapons. Ammo is no problem, but, you will have to hunt for the weapons.