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Meth v1.1

A very large oval (round) shaped arena with some great construction and design ideas. You might think this one is just another net arena, but one look and you can tell that some time has been put into it. Some great sniper ledges.....Will support EMFH and a couple of other modes, and is designed for a minimum of 4 IMO.

Random Acts of Violence And Senseless Br

A large net level with some very good construction ideas. A round large arena that is wrapped by a spiral staircase around the edge. There are a couple of rooms on the outside of the ring, and some very ingenious object placements. The overall design is pretty good but your going to have to stretch for the ammo. Once you download it you'll know what I mean. (can be played solo, with some interesting kills)

Draquos House

A representation of the authors residence. Well, it's a good thing that your not given the spankr with this map. IT IS VERY TIGHT. Fists might be really good in this one, although there is plenty of weapons/ammo. Some cool construction with the different rooms. A small net map that is slow due to all of the doors, but you know that goin in.


A large net level that has a "warehouse" type feel to it. Very tall ceilings lend themselves to what I thought would be some slow arena play, but the basic design is what keeps it fast. The illusion that this is bigger than it is, is quite good. This map, again, from the author that brought us Mirage, has some pretty cool novelty tricks built in. If you like spankrs' than this one is for you.

Ripcord v1.1

Ripcord is a very intense map, that's beautifully constructed, very realistically shaded, and packed full of ammo and weapons. I was amazed there wasn't too much detail for the engine to handle! Very meticulously created, Ripcord supports all modes of play-albeit a little spread out, while covering a small area. Corridors and recessed walls hold all sorts of surprises. The more players the better in this masterpiece.

Pie In The Sky

Pie In The Sky is not a new map, but it's a very good map. KOTH is where's it's at here. Ammo is placed around the outer edges of the map while the hill is located in the middle. It's not a safe hill-sniper perches leave you a very vulnerable target. Some nice lighting allows you to hide in the shadows to elude enemy fire, but the low ceiling can cause cuncussions that will make your ears ring. How long can you stay on the hill before restocking your ammo? Teleporters are uniquely placed, as is the flame thrower. A extrememly balanced map that should provide hours of fun.

Aft Shuttle Bay-Net Level

The third level from The Attack. This has been reworked for a net level and a large one I might add....Don't attempt this unless your group is 4 or 5 at a minimum. It has been reworked to help with flow but, it is large and it would be slow with just a couple. Same great parameters as the solo adventure.

Beautiful Chickens

A large net level that has just about some of the best design and light sets I have seen yet. This one is based on shotguns and it is best played with KOTH net mode. You will need at least 3 or 4 at the minimum for this one, but I promise you won't be disappointed. Enough ammo for eight

Dusk 'till Dawn

Great flow, great lights, very good construction and some very good object placement. To be honest when I first opened it, I said well ok, another media level. (and I really don't care for media levels) ...BUT, don't be so fast to judge......This one has some great design to it and for the size of it, it is quite fast........ Get It!!!!!! Enough said........(as you can tell I thought this one was pretty good!!!!) (Another one for a HOF, if I had it) BTW-once you start to play it you will understand why it is called Dusk till Dawn...

Focal Point

A small arena type map with steps that go down to the hill. A high carnage type map that would be absolutely great for KOTH. Textures are well selected, lights are placed well and the flow is very fast due to the size of the arena. In low res, this one still looked great and in high res, the colors with the choice of textures was absolutely great. Author says the map will support eight...It really doesn't matter how many though, this one will be fast and if you choose the cyborgs, well, give it a try and find out...


The screen shot doesn't do it justice.....The author has now broken the boundaries of what is possible with Anvil. When looked at from a view of original ideas, Chris, in the last 2 days, has come up with some great ones. In the map you are fighting against "ghosts" that are of course the Pfhor, etc.... It is a large net map with tons of ammo and some incredible ideas. (Have I mentioned the great ideas this author has come up with) Download this map to see what the next generation of Marathon engine possibilites are going to be.

Big Friends

A large net level that has the illusion that you are on a open air station. Bob Hell is what the author calls it and he, if anything, is understating it! The bobs are all nuts in this one and they shoot and explode and etc, etc........Designed best for KOTH. The illusion of open areas to the landscape texture almost worked here. Will support a few net modes and big enough to give you places to hide and at the same time room to maneuver...You can also play this one solo but it's pretty bizarre. Some great tricks with this one.


You are on a exposed station in space. Your goal is to avoid the missiles that are shot at you in slow motion. (And some strange missiles they are!) Some of the baddies are invisible and if you add that in to all of the mines flying through the air you get a whole new way of playing Marathon. The free floating mines, so to speak, will take some rather nifty manuvering or you will find yourself blown up in the air....This is if you choose to play it solo. A letter X design for a net game and could probably be pretty fast...there is a built in physics model and you could use the X for KOTH. ...

4 Steps to Death

A small arena map with 4 starting rooms. The hill in the center of the arena is gradually raised to the top. As the author states this provides some very interesting lift effects while running across. Very simple design that should provide you with some wide open carnage... Great for KOTH and a few other net modes.

Magotopia v1.1

An update of a previously released level...this update adds the texture patterns for the shapes patch. New textures adds grass, bricks and some slate textures....You will need the "All in one" shapes patch to work with the map, Anvil 1.02 is also required and there are three different shape patches. One for Hi-Res, Low-Res or a Alt-Res, which will work for both settings-but not as good.

The Window of Light

A medium sized arena map that has some very impressive lighting details. The center of the arena is similar to Route 66, but the ring that wraps around the arena is quite different. You will need to be fairly fast if you are a keyboard player or, this map will certainly improve your mouse skills. (OR make you become a mouse player) I first tried to fire from the outer hallway and wiped myself out due to the tightness of the hallway. Be careful and remember when firing a spankr where your aim point is!! A good fast map that should provide for some great carnage.

3 a.m. Bakery Trucks N' Roadkill

Cool name for a map, huh?? A large square arena with a 5D type of hill. You will have to hunt for the spankr', and this should be a fast map. Small, good flow and lighting is done well...

Big Bake

A small lava based level that at times was too cramped. Some good design and construction ideas here, but, just too many sharp corners to allow the flow to be smooth enough. Physics model again and would probably be best for EMFH. If you end up in a lava pit you might get lucky enough for some rechargers at the bottom. No sounds to speak of...

King Target

Marathon Infinity map only ; uses the SMG in place of the Assault Rife. A small net level with a small partially covered arena. One ring that runs around the arena in a elevated mode that is accesible by platforms and teleporters. Each player starts in ordinance room that opens into the the main arena. There is only one spankr', and be patient when you acquire it. Flow is great on this one..I couldn't find a deadend at all. Sounds are few but some light sets and some fast carnage.

Pantload of Trouble

A very good map for KTMWTB. I found this one confusing at first, but then after some play time, this thing was great. There are so many places to sit and hide for other marines, that I finally fiqured out how ingenious this one was constructed. (I know I'm slow). Some elevated areas that believe it or not has fast flow to get up there. Some transporters that will aide in your play and a trick with some lava that I am still trying to figure out. To be honest, I first thought this level was too tight, but was I ever this one to see and have some good ideas for elevated net pl...