Created by Michael Coyle

Civil War v1.1

Arena play, no, it's linear. Perhaps tag. Not KOTH. This is a very complex map, supports solo play (whacko Bob's again) and is full of passageways, elevators, 1x, all connected by spacious outer perimeter encircling entire area with interior sewage passageways. Doors for this, doors for that. Very fast in the running department. Read Me is in a terminal within the game. Clever

The Temple of Apollo

Not much to say here! Another very fine level from Michael Coyle. This is a very large outdoor arena that is wrapped with a elevated walkway. Every possible angle seems to have been thought out with this one. The arena is flooded with water, (personally my one and only dislike), but, even with the media, you can tell that there has been some thought in this one. Very good flow, some very good light set and should support up to 4 players. Supports all modes and should be a great carnage shoot.

Civil War

Another great map made by Michael Coyle. This one is pretty large but built on a big round oval style. (I think, I was so busy dodging the bobs that I rarely got a chance to check the map mode) Whatever you do, don't leave the aliens on. I was trying to do a walkthru and was nailed in the back by the bobs. The title should give you a can witness the event the map is based on if you leave aliens on. A good download and some really nice landscape visuals.

Pie In The Sky

Pie In The Sky is not a new map, but it's a very good map. KOTH is where's it's at here. Ammo is placed around the outer edges of the map while the hill is located in the middle. It's not a safe hill-sniper perches leave you a very vulnerable target. Some nice lighting allows you to hide in the shadows to elude enemy fire, but the low ceiling can cause cuncussions that will make your ears ring. How long can you stay on the hill before restocking your ammo? Teleporters are uniquely placed, as is the flame thrower. A extrememly balanced map that should provide hours of fun.

The Attack

ou know it is really a shame when you have a very good solo map that has designs so innovative, and the guy running the HyperArchive takes a screen shot of a dumb alien. My apologies to the author. Here is a three level solo adventure that will take you through some of the most imaginative tricks available with the Marathon engine. I was able to beta test this thing about a month ago and tried to get the author to submit it then. He was diligent to keep working and you will see why....Honestly some of the coolest tricks I've seen yet.....Flow is superb, lights and design are great.

Aft Shuttle Bay-Net Level

The third level from The Attack. This has been reworked for a net level and a large one I might add....Don't attempt this unless your group is 4 or 5 at a minimum. It has been reworked to help with flow but, it is large and it would be slow with just a couple. Same great parameters as the solo adventure.

Pie in the Sky (m2)

A pretty well thought out KOH arena. The hill is somewhat protected, but also has unique vulnerabilities. Some weapons are harder to get to than others... This one supports (well) any number of players from 2-8.

Kid's Map

Designed by someone with young kids who thought Marathon looked great, but were a bit overwhelmed by the complexity of some maps. Simple, but with nice flow.