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Hyperhill v2.1

A update of a previously posted map. A small square net level that supports KOTH very well. Four enclosed small rooms are hooked together by a exposed ring that runs around the arena. The rooms provide access to the hyperspace area, ammo and transporters can be found there but you will also encounter the Guardian. So make sure to be careful. This update makes access to hyperspace easier, a 5D effect.

Hell Hole v1.4

Be advised that this version sucks. You have sticky polys, bouncy polys and so many sprites the monsters you are fighting just disappear while still raining death down upon you. Download V1.4 to see what NOT to do as a mapmaker, download V1.5 if you want to acutally play it.

Justifiable Hypocrisy

Another large net map from the mapmaker that puts these things out faster than I can get them up. A center hill area, (sort of), where the hill is the second floor. The third floor allows access to the ring, that kind of goes around the hill. This, IMO, is the fastest net map the author has make yet. Some pretty cool light sets and his construction design is NEVER along the normal arena, wrap around ring concept. Some lower hallways that are perfect for those that like to hang out and wait for other Marines to blow away. All types of net modes supported and will hold up to 8.

Octavius v1.0

A very good practice map that is used by the author to test all the physic models he receives for the physics model archive. This thing is not very big but you will have to keep moving and firing to stay alive. You could play it with aliens off for small net.....EMFH would probably be the best call with this one.

Speed Bump v1.9

A large net map designed for speed. When you first enter this map you can tell right off that it is not made to win accolades for texture choices or detail. Very large square arena with a hill , with some very large halls that are at different elevations that connect via the arena. A small wrapping, enclosed hallway wraps around the whole map. Speed was the issue here, email the author info so he can expand on his concept. You also get a screen saver level, pretty cool idea..where expload-da-bobs do a never ending suicide trick.


A well designed net level. Four outer pools surround this semi-oval map. Except for the media and some outer slow elevators to the outer ring, a fairly fast map with good flow. The hill is centered with a 4 sided pillar that acts as transporters. A very small ring wraps around that exposes itself at the corners. Then wrapping around that are the pools and landings in between. Geometry at times is very good and the long stairways from opposite ends of the map are well thought out for speed and fast access to the hill. Enough ammo and weapons for large groups, KOTH, EMFH and KTMWTB fit this.

The River Bed

A large one level net map that shows some very good attention to detail. Light sets, speed of the elevators and heights are all thought out in this map. EMFH seems to work best with this one. Definitely learn the map beforehand, lots of hiding places and corners, etc... Very good in construction and design.

Quigleys Olympics v2.0

This author is continuing to make large net maps that are designed well, good construction and very good attention to detail. At first I really had a hard time describing this one. A castle like hill in the so-called middle of the map, with some outer areas that contain ammo/weapons. KOTH, EMFH and KTMWTB works best, and you can find the ball on top of the castle. You better have 5 or this one is going to be slow...........Good design again. Pump this author some email, I believe he might start making solo levels. He definitely has some great ideas for maps.

Dome of Death

Very small arena type map, with some pretty cool light sets. This level has plenty of ammo for 2 to 3 players but it also has a embedded physics model, null g, that kind of made me swimmy headed. Construction is good, the idea of a open arena with a dome ceiling and lighted walls is not bad.

Road Warrior v1.666

A two room map that is based on a previously posted map (Little Room). This version has a new texture set, new light sets and now has NO hiding places...

Civil War

Another great map made by Michael Coyle. This one is pretty large but built on a big round oval style. (I think, I was so busy dodging the bobs that I rarely got a chance to check the map mode) Whatever you do, don't leave the aliens on. I was trying to do a walkthru and was nailed in the back by the bobs. The title should give you a can witness the event the map is based on if you leave aliens on. A good download and some really nice landscape visuals.

Cluck Fest '96 v1.1

A small net map with only magnums and fusion pistols. The name is the basic description of the map. One secret....pack 'em in and you should have lots of carnage.

Creeping Death Maps v1.0

10 net levels that range from medium to large. Some very good design ideas along with some tricks. Fill 'ER UP was on of the best IMO. KOTH, EMFH work best with most of these maps.

Roy Batty

From the same author of "Well of Souls". This net level is a large square arena with a elevated exposed ring that runs around the edge. Another outer ring surrounds the whole map with some small notches and rooms along the way. Best suited for EMFH, KOTH and also get a real good physics model..."Watch Out Phatboy"..Design is basically good with some neat details along the way, flow is much better on this one...

The Well of Souls

A large to giant net map that has some very good details and design techniques. The overall flow is slow at times due to the dead ends that are at the different areas of the map. But, these notches in the wall, etc, are great hiding spots to pick off other marines as they come by. A isolated ammo room, has everything you need in the way of shield recharge and ammo, that is only accessed by teleport; along with some water pools, that have some pretty good rewards at the bottom, provide enough ammo for a large group. You will need 5-8 for this one.

Infinity Suicide Pak #2

From the same author, 29 levels and these are pretty well done too. Should provide you with some all out carnage.

Phatal Phred & Deadly MorPH

A remake of a bungie classic with some added tricks. The PM will give you all kinds of weapon delights, but, the aliens have been reworked as well!! So, beware.

Dirty Tricks v1.0.1 v1.0.1

A very good small circular arena with a lighted hill in the middle. It is enclosed but accessible by small, narrow doors from a outside circular ring. The outside ring is fairly wide, it will give you enough room for wide open carnage. 4 doors along the outside wall leads to ammo, a lowered enclosed ring, (this one is really tight vertically and horizontally), and a switch that releases a horde of hunters. A very good map and fast. The homogeneous type textures fits very well with this one. Will support EMFH and KOTH.

Breath of 1,000 Dogs v2.0

A large net level with some very interesting texture choices. The author used pattern buffers, etc. to texture some short walls and in some other key places. Again, some pretty neat 5D here, but done in good taste. (not too much) A few details gets in the way of flow, but still pretty fast. Check out this one in high res. Net modes supported, EMFH and a few others. A neat trick with invisible walls in the main arena.

Castle Carnage v1.0

A large net map that is just right for playing teams. Two castles spaced apart by a moat. Ammo and weapons are placed about inside each castle, with a 2x shield recharge on the top level. Some enhancements that will allow you to practice your missile jumping and if you need some work on spnkr firing, then try this one solo! You have jug's to fire at through the small openings from each castle. Great spnkr practice here. One of only two maps I have seen that work great with teams. Construction is good, hallways are tight so be prepared.