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Harmonia v1.1

Another update of a previously posted map. This one falls right in line with flow, lighting, visual design and construction. A very good large net map that is now updated. Minor tweaks in this one, a definite addition for every ones net map library.

Harmonia/Llamas Evil Pack

Two maps from Jimmy Mitchell. Llamas are Larger Than Frogs v1.7, and Harmonia v1.2. These maps, which are posted elsewhere on the archive, are now patched for use with the Evil: Cursed application.

Llamas are Bigger Than Frogs v1.7

Another update of one of the best medium sized net levels. This one has been reworked in some areas, lights for example. It does seem to be faster and it is just as fun now as it was before. If you don't have this one yet, get it...a very well thought out map.

Future Death

A medium pseudo arena level, that has some very nice visual touches to it. A fast map in spite of the line of sight this level holds. Three elevated errors separated by a sunken arena. Some pretty good ideas here with some good construction techniques. Simple, but good. Sounds are ok, and flow is pretty good.

Joe Gets Smashed

A very large arena level that is just basically a carnage map. Ammo and weapons are few and there are a couple of aliens for those that like practice. Line of sight is so long that you get some textures smears. Assignment is incorrect in one area. Good to see a Marathon 1 map again!

Land of the Yeti 2: Vengance v2.0

A rework of Land of the Yeti. This update now has a built in bad guys that are more of a challenge than before. The gray s'pht was a challenge and the map seems to be faster now? The author explains in the read me concerning the parts of this creation. Now supports KoTh and multi carnage.


Cool name, huh?? A large square arena with hallways that wrap around the middle square. A good sized elevated hill is located in the middle that is accessed by the corners of the hallways or a couple of straight passageways. Some 5D space with this one. Tons of ammo and weapons. Will support at least three net modes and is fast. Texture choices get a little noisy, but overall a good carnage map.

There Can Be Only One (HU)

Construction with this author just keeps getting better and better. No more of the single line walls, no more slow elevators. A large net level set with the pfhor textures. Some of the textures really tend to bleed but after a while I got used to it. Some pretty big arenas connected by stairs and or passageways. Good construction on the stairs, some strange ambient with this one. Pfhor set and I heard some bird sounds?????

Your Worst Nightmare

Probably the best from this author on todays page. Similar to There Can Be Only One, but a little bigger and different texture sets. Will support KtMwtB and EmfH.

Big, Slow Moving Elevators

Previously posted on the HyperArchive, but was lost due to the crash in April. This level is best described just by the title. There is no ball and there is no hill. Best for EMfH, or for practice against the aliens. You will need to practice your up/down aiming. (due to the elevators) Less that 5/6 players, might be slow.

Bowser Castle

This level is probably one of the neatest design's I have seen in a while. I took my time going through it, and finally decided that it was the 5D that made it so different. And, a 5D that is brilliantly disguised. A small hill that is surrounded by elevated lava pools. Access to the hill is via elevators. (this hill is tiny so be careful when firing the spnkr) Surrounded by 3 rings, one that surrounds the whole map which is bounded by landscape. The second one that is enclosed via windows to the hill. Some stairs and elevators give you a variety on this ring.

Everyone In The Pool

A little tough to describe this one. A kill everything level?? A incredibly large net level with a lot of pools and water?? Whatever you want to call this map, there is one distinction that it holds. This author has learned how to use media, and in some places he has learned it very well. Some of the rooms, (areas), have great design techniques. Some misaligned textures, some smearing in a few of the water pools, and a bunch of sprites. (some regenerate immediately). But as you explore all of the different rooms, outdoor areas, you get a appreciation for what the construction ideas compass...

Everyone Says

A very large open air arena built on the lava texture set. Reminded me of a combination of Route 66, and Thunderdome. Due to the size and a couple of other parameters, this one ran slow at times. Still a good KoTH map. The hill is loaded with weapons and a recharge. Will support EMfH as well.


A interesting large net level that at times is very tight. From the authors readme: "In this net level the hill is the lowest, middle polygon in the "bunker" ,which can be seen from outside from either of the two small arenas, and reached by the two, light textured hallways. This is also where the ball is located."

Moonlight Diner

A small net level built with the pfhor texture set. A hill surrounded by a lower ring. There are rings that elevate as they wrap around the middle square arena. Two transporters takes you to the hill...

Watch Your Back

Should have been called, check your aim. A small square net level that has elevators to a semi-ring. The ring will take you to a couple of rooms that lead off of it. The rooms are very tight with access by some very tight stairs. BE CAREFUL HERE! I suppose the name comes from the shield recharge. A great place to get nailed in the back as you try to recharge. Some interesting design ideas here. Would be best for EMfH.

Were War are in Dreams

A very large, square, open arena level. The arena has a medium sized square hill that is accessible via grenade hop from one of the rings. I haven't checked for teleporters yet. Two rings wrap around the arena that are both elevated. The very top ring will give you access to the hill and the middle ring is where the ammo/weapons were located. Made for KtMwTB, KoTH and EMFh. Less than 5 it will be slow so make sure you have a big group. Some good light sets and the third ring is constructed with inverted corners. (my description) I only found one dead end.

"Ready, set, Kill"

A basic 2 to 3 texture KOtH level. A square arena surrounded by a elevated ring. Access to the ring is via very fast elevators. Weapons are basically shotguns and should provide you with fast carnage. Read me states that it will support up to 8, you will end up with fists if you play with 5 or more.

Get The Hell Out of The Hill

A square arena with a partially enclosed ring that wraps around 2/3rd's of the square. Some transparent walls that lead to some secrets. Most of the ammo is located around the square with the weapons located in the arena. A water chute and a few other extras seem to slow down the flow, but a pretty good KOtH map. Only access to the hill is via a transport that is not too easy to find. Would work with a couple of other net modes but built for what the title suggests.

Lost in the catacombs

A large net level that is designed for KOtH. The title tells you what comes along with the arena, a small system of catacombs..that has a lot of 5D to it. Stairs lead down to the catacombs and the way down is quite crammed. (ceiling moving down along with stairs) Will support EMfH...