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"Ready, set, Kill"

A basic 2 to 3 texture KOtH level. A square arena surrounded by a elevated ring. Access to the ring is via very fast elevators. Weapons are basically shotguns and should provide you with fast carnage. Read me states that it will support up to 8, you will end up with fists if you play with 5 or more.

Get The Hell Out of The Hill

A square arena with a partially enclosed ring that wraps around 2/3rd's of the square. Some transparent walls that lead to some secrets. Most of the ammo is located around the square with the weapons located in the arena. A water chute and a few other extras seem to slow down the flow, but a pretty good KOtH map. Only access to the hill is via a transport that is not too easy to find. Would work with a couple of other net modes but built for what the title suggests.

Lost in the catacombs

A large net level that is designed for KOtH. The title tells you what comes along with the arena, a small system of catacombs..that has a lot of 5D to it. Stairs lead down to the catacombs and the way down is quite crammed. (ceiling moving down along with stairs) Will support EMfH...

Storm Tower v1.1

A update of a previously posted map on the HA. This level now supports KOtH and KtmwTB. Still one of my favorites. Force fields that bounce you half-way across the map....and some other great effects...