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Castle Uprising v1.0

A large net level that has some great constuction for the "castle" concept. Great lighting and some very good detail. Lots and lots of sniper pill boxes, elevated platforms that are just perfect for holing up and picking off marines. The king's throne was pretty cool....supports most net modes. Lighting was very good on this one...

Massacre at Southam v1.0

A large net level built on the pfhor texture set. A large central arena with a lot of view points, some ground level and some elevated. This level can almost be played on the ground or on the elevated walk-ways. Some great tricks with the Trooper room and if you find it, the flame thrower. Will hold up to eight and net modes are supported. Good for solo or practice also.

Butchered (infinity)

Butchered was a very nice map. I had no real complaints with it. It is large enough for 6-8 people however we had no difficulty playing with only two as it made good use of intersecting paths of travel. I found one secret which I liked. A good map with some great flow.

City Carnage

Another twist of a map from Luke Heise! This package comes with a shapes patch that worked very well. (I got it to work with two different versions of Anvil-1.0.2 and 1.0.3b4) 2 Levels. The first a city with a road that could be used in many idea. The second--a remake of Duality from the Infinity Game. Give this a look, this seems to be the ocming thing. Not just net maps but maps with texture changes and sprites. Liquid force fields along with some neat highway signs makes this one unique!

Mister Potato Head

Another net map from Richard Dierkes! This one is not in this authors vien of netmaps. Elevated platforms are in the open area along with a few baddies. All modes are supported and this map has many secrets. This was the authors very first map, but, it is a pretty good "first map".

Netmaps Worth Playing v1.0

Seven unique levels. Some of them large to very large. Net modes for KOth and EmfH. Most of these are really good. The author states there will be another edition soon, updating some of these and adding some more. This is a good pak for any group needing some levels for carnage.

Mike's Netmap

A medium sized netmap for the Evil application. Most of this map is corridors and hallways with the majority of them submerged under media.

Evil at Night

A very large net map that basically is going to take a lot of players or it is going to be slow. Some good detail in the hallways and if you access the secrets in this map it really becomes BIG! A large central area surrounded by lava that rises and falls via triggers, that serves as the hill. All net modes supported plus co-op! Some good ideas and some good detail work. Be prepared, it is large.

Insane v1.1

A update of a previously posted map at the HA. This is a large level with different rooms that have some obstacles that can be used for snipering or for protection. This update now has platforms that move much faster, (very good), and added KtmwTB and KoTH net modes.

Pseudonets v2.0

When I posted the first set of Pseudonets, I apporached them from a completely different angle. Pseudonets II are a set of maps used for practice levels, network levels and I found some of them to be good tutorials for construction ideas. The use of 5D space is ingenious. I stopped many times and switched to map mode to try to figure out how they were constructed. Some very large levels and some neat tricks with 5D. Check out the physics model that comes with the file. This author takes 2 to 3 textures with a level and with the use of 5D and some good construction ideas

The Square Root of Pain

A medium sized net map with some unique construction. Four large rooms, with some of the polys assigned as slow moving platforms that recend lower than ground level that surround a middle "square" that acts as the hill. The whole map is visually open to itself. Meaning you are able to pick off marines in other rooms. Weapons are distributed with this in mind and the height of the walls match perfectly. Some good ideas and some great carnage counts with this one. Supports KotH, EmfH and KtMwTB. You can play this one solo as well.

Fm: Brak Station v4

This station has fallen prey to the AGB (Astronomical Gaming Bureau), and is now the battle field for the masses. Players are now thrown into the canyon, to battle to the death. Aliens and even B.O.B.s have been sent in (although very unsuccessful). You have been chosen to be one of the gaming participants, good luck.

Fm: Axiocranium v4

Axiocranium is almost like a gothic church where carnage takes place in and about...with the huge locked gates, players are not allowed to leave, so they are forced into combat.

Fm: Carnage heights v4

I bring to you, CARNAGE HEIGHTS, a grand an luxurious villa with many wonderful sights to see. While you are wasting away your opponents, you can enjoy the brisk night air in the open patio area, and if you're an inside person, we have an extra wide heated pool.

Fm: Desperate Measures v4

Winner of many awards. Desperate Measures is a Map designed to be fast. I limited myself to around 90 polygons, which is very small if you wish to make a decent map! However the Hill play on this is unmatched.

Fm: Hatala v4

Continuing with the theme of Pfhor Winds, comes Hata, a power station for Pfhor Winds. Hata was the first of its kind to have a fusion propellant system to give great power to all of its surrounding uprisings.

Fm: Net Map Pack v3

Each level contains a nice ammount of aliens, so if you wish to go solo and romp around carnaging to your hearts content, it will be much more satisfying because it contains aliens. If you don't like them during net play, then check them OFF in the Gather Net Game dialog (duh).

Fm: Pfhor Winds v4

Pfhor Winds is one of the most liked maps I have ever made. It is one of my personal favorites as well, because I have racked up many hours in this with fellow Marabuds.

Bela Lugosi

From the very beginning you will get the impression of what the title of this map suggests. A very large room that has sub-rooms in the middle of it. The sub rooms are very tight and I mean tight! Teleporters take you from one room to the next but be careful, there is a ring of lava that surrounds the rooms. Large and wide corridors wrap the whole thing.

Calamity Courtyard v1.0

Two large courtyards separated by platforms and pillars. Great flow, very good lighting and enough ammo/weapons for any sized group. Very fast and loaded for carnage!