Fm: Desperate Measures v4

Initially Created: 3-23-96

Winner of many awards.

Specs: Desperate Measures was designed on a PPC but works well on almost every kind of mac.

Desperate Measures is a Map designed to be fast. I limited myself to around 90 polygons, which is very small if you wish to make a decent map! This map should run smoothly on many machines because of this.

I created Desperate Measures out of complete boredom while in class. I had lots of time to draw this thing up and optimize it (my classes are long). Every point in this map can have meaning, if you know how to use it. Angles are carefully planned out, and heights are set just right. It is possible to get to the hill from five different ways ;-)

Remember, I am a ham for secrets, so they are abound. No peaking with a map editor though!

Ever wonder why the map 2d view is angled weird? Well, that's because I actually designed the map at an angle. The map is square, yes, and when you play the game, you wouldn't know its skewed unless you went into the map view. Why did I do this? Because no one has. You can easily make a square map when Forge has that wonderful grid layout for you follow, but try making that same square map at an angle. Also, if you bothered to peruse the sketchbook area, you will notice I even drew the map in my book at an angle. Welp, that's it for the History Lesson.

Levels in map "FM-Desperate Measures v4":
Desperate Measures v4