Fm: Brak Station v4

Initially Created: 1-15-96

Specs: Initially created on a PPC with Pfhorte. Runs well for PPCs, and some say it runs ok on 040 machines.

Positioned on one of the Pfhor worlds, B'rak Station is the first of its kind for its energy efficiency. Powered by the molten rock just north of the station, B'rak transforms the energy from the cooling process into useful protons for the machines operation. After the magma has fully cooled, it is then mined for useful ores, and minerals. Being a completely self contained station, it requires no imports to get anything done.

Although all grand and glorious, this station has fallen prey to the AGB (Astronomical Gaming Bureau), and is now the battle field for the masses. Players are now thrown into the canyon, to battle to the death. Aliens and even B.O.B.s have been sent in (although very unsuccessful). You have been chosen to be one of the gaming participants, good luck.

(funny I had created that blurb of text a long long time before Unreal Tournement came to existance... I wonder where they got their idea? Or just great minds think alike? YOU DECIDE!)

This map was converted into a solo level included in the Siege of Nor'Korh scenario. It was then taken from that form, and turned back into a net level as version4 in the Infinity Net Map Pack. This level has gone the miles.

Levels in map "FM-Brak Carnage v4":
B'rak Carnage v4