Fm: Carnage heights v4

Initially Created: 2-29-96

Specs: Initially created on a PPC with Pfhorte. Runs well for PPCs, but is a bit sluggish on 040 machines.

I bring to you, CARNAGE HEIGHTS, a grand an luxurious villa with many wonderful sights to see. While you are wasting away your opponents, you can enjoy the brisk night air in the open patio area, and if you're an inside person, we have an extra wide heated pool.

Carnage Heights was made with death in mind, so many areas have been made for your killing pleasure. Strategically placed doors, walls, and hideaways makes this map a treat for the thinker. With its tempting hill however, the arena jockey can have fun blasting away the opponents! Fun as this might seem, it really is. I have spent many hours just fooling around in solo mode. The aliens prove most fun in Total Carnage. But beware, the aliens have sent a package that poses a dangerous secret. Not to mention if you ever get the chance, the Pfhor Delta Force will grace you with their presence.

The A-Bob box of horrors, I think is the most hilarious thing.

Levels in map "FM-Carnage Heights v4":
Carnage Heights v4