Fm: Axiocranium v4

Initially Created: 12-30-95

Specs: Initially created on an 040 with Pfhorte. Runs really well for PPCs, and runs decent on 040 machines.

Axiocranium was one of the toughest maps I have encountered making. I came across so many weird bugs and glitches, I was about to scrap the whole darned thing, but decided to press on regardless. So, I finished this map while half crazed with fever and fatigue.

Axiocranium is almost like a gothic church where carnage takes place in and about...with the huge locked gates, players are not allowed to leave, so they are forced into combat. Although the outside can be an everyone-throw-all-ammo-at-once arena, the inside fits for the intellectual types who go for mind games and tactics.

This three level complex has an inner rumpus room with the sky shining in, an upstairs hallway ring, and a rooftop view. Being an old building it comes with a few secret hiding places for the thrill of it.

Levels in map "FM-Axiocranium v4":
Axiocranium v4