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Boo Berry Blood Bath

A wild and somewhat large experiment into 5D space. One very wide and long hallway with no ammo/weapons, wrapped about by a mini maze, (walls do not go entirely to the ceiling, so it is still very open) where all of the ammo and weapons are located. Your aim needs to be very good along with your side stepping skills. Basic textures, basic lighting, a medium sized level designed for carnage. EmFH supported...check the film.

Carnage Time

A medium sized net map that has great flow along with some very interesting switches. These switches will open up a small room that is a teleporter that takes you straight to the 2x shield recharge. Two rings wrap around this medium sized arena that is 1.5 world units or so lower. Accessible by stairs the arena itself isn't very large and you will also find a couple of pillars to aide in your dodging. A very fast map with good flow. EmFh supported and should add to some high carnage rates.

Crank Me Pumping Station

A large net map with such great detail that I was truly trying to find out how it was still as fast as it is. Another great level from Carl Lineberry. This thing is so fast that you will miss things if you don't take the time to go through it before a net game. Some beautiful visual designs and great object placement. As you can tell I really liked this one. Supports EmFH and KotH. Some very good and cool ideas here.

Disco Duck

A large net map that is made up of three medium sized arena's tied together with some passageways. These halls could be represented as rings. A very fast map, some great construction ideas and enough ammo and guns for eight. Will support EmfH, KotH and KtmWtB. A great large net map, this author has gotten better with every map. The spankr is present, but due to the tightness of the passageways, etc., your aim needs to be taken in care.

Everybody Dies v2.0

A very large net map that, for it's size, still has great flow. The whole map was designed for flow and this author has come very, very close. A large open area in the middle that has elevators and doors to elevated areas or the one of the other arenas. Some of this reminded me of "A Converted Church" level out of Infinity-anyway about it, this thing has some great construction details. Some maze-like halls get's you from one place to the next, don't get caught in a hall, there's no place to hide. You will need a very large group for this map. Any less than six and you will wander alone.