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Fm: Desperate Measures v4

Winner of many awards. Desperate Measures is a Map designed to be fast. I limited myself to around 90 polygons, which is very small if you wish to make a decent map! However the Hill play on this is unmatched.

Fm: Hatala v4

Continuing with the theme of Pfhor Winds, comes Hata, a power station for Pfhor Winds. Hata was the first of its kind to have a fusion propellant system to give great power to all of its surrounding uprisings.

Fm: Net Map Pack v3

Each level contains a nice ammount of aliens, so if you wish to go solo and romp around carnaging to your hearts content, it will be much more satisfying because it contains aliens. If you don't like them during net play, then check them OFF in the Gather Net Game dialog (duh).

Fm: Pfhor Winds v4

Pfhor Winds is one of the most liked maps I have ever made. It is one of my personal favorites as well, because I have racked up many hours in this with fellow Marabuds.

Bela Lugosi

From the very beginning you will get the impression of what the title of this map suggests. A very large room that has sub-rooms in the middle of it. The sub rooms are very tight and I mean tight! Teleporters take you from one room to the next but be careful, there is a ring of lava that surrounds the rooms. Large and wide corridors wrap the whole thing.

Calamity Courtyard v1.0

Two large courtyards separated by platforms and pillars. Great flow, very good lighting and enough ammo/weapons for any sized group. Very fast and loaded for carnage!


A medium sized arena that is visually great! Two rings wrap around the arena, one-that is at floor elevation and on the outside of the map. And the second one-that runs a world unit above the floor elevation that is exposed to the arean. Very good flow with this map. It is stunnily fast and it is very well thought out. The shield recharge will provide for extra shields if you are lucky enough not to get a spnkr in the back while charging up. Enough ammo and weapons to fit a large group. Comes with a physic model that is, well, give it a try...


A very large, and I mean LARGE, net map. This thing will take a bunch of marines to keep it interesting. A bunch of large rooms that are connected by some very large open corridors. The corridors lead to other large rooms or upper tiers for sniper posts. Enough ammo for a very big group, guns were hard to find at first, but they are there, keep looking. I found this to be a very good, very large net map. The problem with the water pools is that I only found one way out, gernade hopping, up and out. (which really takes a beating on your shields) There might be teleporters, but be prepared. ...

Fm: Damned if you do...

Made for all types of play, this one is really good in King of the Hill. The Hill is more of a pit inside a central building. The majestic look of the entrance to the building is where most of the action takes place, "on the steps of hell".

Butchered (evil)

Butchered was a very nice map. It is large enough for 6-8 people however we had no difficulty playing with only two as it made good use of intersecting paths of travel.

Classic Net Maps II

The same map pak as listed below, but, this is provided with Terminals. This is the Ultimate Hop Net Pak. You can hop levels with the terminals now. All 61 included.

Bunker Hell

A very good construction idea! A large, very tall open air arena with bunkers sunken down in the bottom of pillars. Each bunker has weapons placed in them and some of the ammo is placed in the arena. In net play, these bunkers would be great for a "quasi-sniper" bunker. They are protected, IF, the other players don't have very good aim. If they do, watch out!! These sniper rooms can be turned into mortuaries. Worth the download...

Corridor of Death

A long central hallway built with the lava texture set. Many ports on both sides where Aliens continusely regenerate. At times there are so many of them that it is impossible to get good frame rates unless you are on a high end mac. This level was one of the reasons why my posting is so far behind. This map was really fun to play. Kill everything, kill all the Bobs and then get the chips! Have fun...

Gen Pfhorteen

A wonderful map that is a simple, basic and a visually stunning design. Great use of textures, great use of sounds and flow is generally very good. Object placement is thought out and this level will support large groups as well as small groups due to it's size. Check this one out and make sure to email the author and let him know what you think. Net modes supported-KoTH, EmFH.

Infinity Cult

A good King of the Hill level based on the Jjaro texture set? A big open arena with a elevated hill in the middle. Slow moving platforms on the edges of the hill provides access. Transporters on the ground floor take you to the sniper ledges and to the recharger. Should provide for some great carnage and also supports EmFH.


The top shot is either great wall detail or it is the layout of the monorail track. Such great ideas in this map, just a little much for a net map, but, still one that needs to be experienced first hand to get all of the benefits. The lights on the wall shows you which part of the track is lit and/or dark. Switches in the main room control these lights. There is a sewage trench that acts as the monorail. Entry and exit is very easy and the four gun rooms turn you into a "duck" at a shooting arcade as you go around the track. Teleporters take you from one gun room to the other and to the co...

Muay Die

A beautiful map visually. A large central outdoor arena that also acts as a hill. Transporters provide you direct access to some of the best spots in the map. Try it, you'll see. Supports EMfH and KotH.

No Way Out

Straight from the Read Me-- A big yard full of toys. A great playground. Good for 2 to 8 players, Every Man For Himself. A fast paced massacre can be had here. Watch out for the tight corridors though. And during testing I noticed that once in a while one of the blue projectile fighters has a mad half hour. It's really cool, and I'm not sure why that happens but look out for that. Two versions here, one with aliens, one without, (in case it gets too heavy). Enough said...

The Playce v1.0

A medium sized arena with a oblong ring that wraps around the outside. The ring is exposed to the arena but it is separated by elevated platforms that will require you to good aim. Better practice you up and down keys! Based on the lava texture set, some good texture choices along with some great light sets. Support EMfH.

4711th Circular Arena

A beautiful example of what is possible with Chisel. A very large circular arena enclosed by a ring. The ring has a upper level where all the weapons are located. The bottom arena and outside ring has the ammo. A very good large net map. Visually one of the best I have seen.