a clump of rump dumplings

While on IRC the other evening, some of the DoubleAught crew asked if they could send this to me. After spending some time going through some of the levels, I finally decided that I could describe it and post. (you'll understand when you get it) It wasn't until this evening that I had a chance to catch Randy and/or Greg on IRC again. ( I was trying to find the author) They gave me the info I needed and I present tonight this new collection of net levels, titled as is. 25 levels that have some of the most bizarre construction to some of the best construction I have seen. Some of these levels are double fisted magnums, blast away at BoBs and try to stay alive maps. The rest are some very good detailed net maps that can be used solo or net. If you ever get to the point that you have time to just "blast away", get this pak!! I really enjoyed playing these and they make for a good evening if you need some carnage.

Levels in map "mi.a.c.r.d":
face off
sky banger
sky bang woo
water chute
honeycomb hill
king of the street (woo town)
temple of glee
ashtray arena
lava face
urine river
dunk (rocket basketball)
underpants arena
aztec sorcery
duck duck shoot
aztec arena
two mints in one
yous two kids go fight on the stairs
prime evil forest
flush (blast 'em into th' terlit)
rocket toilet
airless weiner festival
grey alien arena
gort's fling saucer